California Driver Wins Google Glass Case

Posted on behalf of Gordon & Doner on Jan 21, 2014 in Other

San Diego woman Cecilia Abadie may be the first of many Google Glass users caught in a legal grey area when it comes to driving while wearing the device.

Last week, Abadie was found not guilty after being issued a citation for wearing the Google Glass as she drove her car. The citation she was given falls under a state ban on the operation of a television or video screen at the front of a car while it is in motion.

The Traffic Court Commissioner for San Diego County, John Blair, ruled that there was no proof Abadies Google Glass was in operation at the time of her stop, though he did not rule it is completely legal to drive while wearing the Google Glass.

With this kind of ambiguity in the language of state laws, many are wondering how severe the legal backlash may be once Google Glass is worn by more and more people. How will the law address the intricacies of the device? With rapidly advancing technologies come a host of new issues to go with them, and the legal system is scrambling to address all of these issues.

Google Glass is equipped with video recording capabilities, the ability to search the Internet, make phone calls, and a number of other tasks activated by a blink or voice command. Drivers who use Google Glass will likely fight to wear the device while behind the wheel, and like Abadie who is to say that their Glass is in operation as they drive and that it is stealing their focus from the road?

While answering questions from reporters, Abadie wore the Google Glass, saying she was recording with the device at that very moment. Do you feel like Im not paying attention to you? she asked.

There is no doubt that more cases similar to Abadies will have an impact on language used in future distracted driving laws, and legal experts predict the controversy over Google Glass is only beginning.


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