Children’s Social Security Disability Benefits

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Since the mid-1950s social security disability has provided disabled individuals with supplemental income, including those whose disability has prevented them from being employed. Along with disabled individuals family members may qualify including children.

Children who suffer from disabilities may also qualify for social security disability insurance benefits. According to the Social Security Administration approximately 1.3 million disabled children received social security disability which is more than 18 times the number of recipients in 1974.

In Florida specifically, Social Security Administration (SSA) statistics indicate that more than 546,000 persons received SSDI benefits in 2011.

Receiving benefits for your child(ren) if you are disabled, or if they are disabled, is something that should be difficult. Unfortunately filing for benefits can be confusing and some who file will be denied their claim despite how much assistance they need to care for their child. In 2011 only an estimated 35% of those who filed for SSDI benefits were approved and received benefits.

If you or a loved one has filed and been denied, or is planning on filing for children’s SSDI benefits, the knowledgeable attorneys at Gordon & Partners, P.A can help you fight for the benefits you deserve.

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Children Who May Qualify for SSDI

Social security disability can be very beneficial for those who find themselves out of work due to a seriously disability. Parents of children who are disabled and children whose parents can no longer work due to their disability will also find that these benefits can assist them with day-to-day living.

In order for a disabled child to qualify for benefits they following requirements must be met:

  • Child is not working, or if they are working, are earning less than $1,040 a month
  • Child must have a physical, mental, or combination of conditions that limits their activities
  • Child’s condition must have been, of is expected to be, disabling for at least one full year or must be expected to result in death

After applying for benefits the SSA may then request the child’s medical and school records and any other information to decide if your child is disabled.

There are some health conditions however that may qualify a disabled child to receive benefits right away, including:

  • Total Blindness
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Total Deafness
  • Down Syndrome
  • Muscular Dystrophy
  • Severe Intellectual Disorder (children older than 7)

If you are a disabled adult, your children may qualify for benefits as well. The following requirements must be met to determine that your child(ren) qualify for SSDI benefits due to your disability:

  • Unmarried child(ren), including adoptees, step and grandchildren under the age of 18
  • Unmarried child(ren), including adoptees, step and grandchildren under the age of 19 if the child is in elementary or secondary school full-time

Children of a disabled individual commonly receive up to 50% of your total SSDI benefit. If you believe that your children may qualify for benefits, speaking with an experienced SSDI attorney can help determine if you qualify and how to proceed with applying.

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When you or your child are disabled and seeking supplemental benefits, most will commonly turn to benefits provided by the government. Unfortunately, understanding if your children qualify can be difficult and if you’re not sure about requirements your application may be denied. At Gordon & Partners we are knowledgeable in how children’s SSDI benefits work and who may be entitled to receive them.

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