SSDI Application Process

Posted on behalf of Gordon & Partners on Aug 15, 2013 in Social Security Disability

When a worker is injured and cannot earn gainful employment in their current position, they may have the right to apply for Social Security Disability Insurance through the U.S. Social Security Administration (SSA). Every year, the SSA receives millions of applications for SSDI and those applicants are screened for validity of their claims as well as other particulars of their situation that may disqualify them from receiving these benefits.

The SSA received 2,878,920 SSDI applications in 2011, and only 1,025,003 claims were approved. While those applicants who were disqualified may have legitimate disability claims, it is often the application process that can confuse applicants and ultimately prevent them from receiving the aid they need to survive.

If you are planning on filing a claim for SSDI, you may wish to seek legal counsel to ensure that the application is filed correctly and within any given time limitations that may be imposed on your case. Alternatively, if your claim is rejected a skilled Workers’ Compensation attorney can appeal the SSA’s decision and fight for the MAXIMUM amount of compensation owed to you for your disability.

Gordon & Partners understands how frustrating it can be to navigate the social security system on your own, and we always stand by our clients to make sure they are going through the proper procedures and channels so they receive the disability benefits that they deserve.

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Applying for SSDI

The application process for disability benefits can be lengthy and require a great deal of time and energy. For these reasons alone it is important to be sure that the information on your application is correct and presented in a manner that will make the processing of your application very easy for the SSA.

When applying for SSDI, follow these steps:

  1. Gather the information you will need to apply
    1. Social security number
    2. Names and numbers of medical health professionals that treated you for your disability
    3. Medical records relating to disability
    4. Laboratory test results relating to disability
    5. Summary of your position, explaining how/ why you can no longer perform those duties
    6. Most recent w2 or copy of federal tax return, for self-employed applicants
  2. Call the Social Security office early in the day, to avoid jammed phone lines and set up interview
  3. Complete your interview and  file the required paperwork
  4. A wait period of 90-120 days is typical in determining disability insurance validity
  5. Always follow up with the examiner assigned to your case to speed up the process

If your claim is approved you will receive compensation within the coming days. If your claim is denied, contact an attorney to appeal the decision. The SSA allows each applicant the right to appeal their denial of benefits regardless of the reason for disqualification.

The compensation a disabled worker can receive from SSDI will not only assist them, but dependent family members may also be eligible for some of those benefits. After a worker is unable to perform the duties of their job, there will be innumerable stresses that can put a family into financial ruin. Lost wages, an inability to find another job, medical expenses and other hardships place a heavy burden on the disabled individual and their family, which is why SSDI benefits are so important.

Reasons for SSDI Denials

If the SSA reasons that the injury does not prevent an individual from performing the duties of their current position, they may issue a denial for SSDI benefits. Included with the letter of denial should be a summary of the applicant’s medical records and information in addition to an explanation of the technical rationale that led them to their decision to deny the claim.

If this explanation is not included, contact the SSA for your application file to gain access to it. It is important to remember that the applicant is no less disabled simply because their application was denied. The SSA scrutinizes these applications and any minor justification to deny aid could be enough for them to do so.

With a knowledgeable and experienced workers’ compensation lawyer, an SSDI applicant can rest assured knowing their claim will be handled by a professional who has a deep understanding of the social security system. In the event an appeal is necessary, the proper steps can be taken immediately with a lawyer who has gone through the process before.

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