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In an effort to continue offering the highest quality legal counsel possible, we are always requesting attorney client testimonials from injury victims and other clients who have turned to us for legal help.

The feedback provided by these testimonials is particularly valuable, as it offers critical insight into our legal aptitude, knowledge base, courtroom performance and overall competency, just to name a few.

It is because of attorney client testimonials that we have achieved so many successful verdicts and settlements. They have inspired us to consistently go above and beyond the professional call of duty in order to provide unparalleled legal services and commitment to our clients.

Listed below are numerous reviews that have recently been provided to us by several of our clients. As always, our clients are speaking purely in a personal capacity and are not compensated for the opinions given.

For me, Gordon & Partners (G&P) means the world. They work on your behalf in a professional manner. The VA process takes forever, but my case was handled in an expeditiously time frame once G&P took my case. Most of the paperwork can be completed online, if you are a tech savvy person. The paralegals, Ronaldo Martinez & Isaray Martinez kept me up-to-date on the process. I know a lot of people are worried about cost, but G&P was very fair in regards to what they charged me for their guidance service. A fellow veteran recommended G&P after they helped him with his VA disability case. Please seek out G&P if you need a law firm that will fight on your behalf!

professional and kind service with a very good outcome to get the best possible result thank you

Gordon & Partners have taken me from 10% to 70% since I hired them two years ago. I'm so grateful to Heather Hartley and Amanda Dominick for their effort. Amanda is exceptional and treats me like I'm her only client.

Gordon and Partner's represented me for my VA disability claim, I am extremely grateful to have been fortunate enough for my case to have landed at this firm, I can't express my gratitude enough for Heather Hartley and Amanda Dominick, These two women are absolute experts, and I will benefit enormously for the rest of my life, from the relentless efforts put into this case by them, I just can't express the importance of who you choose to work for you. Without a single doubt, I am forever grateful and I will never forget them!

I can’t say enough kind things about Heather Hartley, her team fought for the maximum amount in my case against the Veterans Administration. She went above and beyond to keep me updated throughout the process and I was able to get my award in less than two years using Gordan and Partners. If you are looking for a law firm that will fight for you and get you the maximum amount that you are owed, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Heather Hartley at Gordan and Partners!

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It only took 5 months (from the time of hiring) to receive my 100% Permanent and Total VA Rating. Such a relief. Thanks to Heather Hartley, Jamie Barker & Nathan Gudas!

I highly recommend contacting Gordon & Partners after an auto accident. Trevor Gordon is extremely knowledgeable and kind & his team is fantastic especially Cinthia Vargas who went above & beyond and always made sure to answer every question with honesty and care & she basically held my hand thru the entire process & made sure that I received the maximum compensation. I am beyond thankful for all Trevor & Cinthia has done to help me!

I would like to thank the following people who help me win my claims against the VA. Jamie Barker, Heather Hartley and Nathan Gudas without these peoples help I wouldn't have won my claim with the VA. If any Veteran needs help with their claim I highly recommend Gordon and Partners.

Gordon & Partner's is by far the best Lawyer experience I have ever had. They did the impossible. They got me 100 % disability for my V.A. claim. I highly recommend you call them. They are very professional. I can't thank them enough.

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Raina and Marlielena are Amazing! or as I say the business! They helped me receive the compensation I deserve in less than 12 months that i've been doing all the legwork alone for seven years. I hit a brick wall and had to decide to give up or seek professional help and boy am I glad that I was recommended to Gordon & Partners.

I can’t thank Heather Hartley, of Gordon and Partners enough for representing me with my Veterans Administration claim and appeal. Her professionalism and guidance were key to me receiving a favorable outcome. The clear explanation of each step and requirement made it easy to ensure everything I needed to do was completed in a timely manner to reduce time in the VA making a decision. Her ability to navigate the nuances of the claim and appeal process was instrumental during each step. In closing, what I thought was impossible became possible thanks to her dedication and representation.

Omg if it weren't for these people working so hard on my case I don't know what I would do. I've been fighting the VA on my own since 1999 and have been denied every time but Gordon & Partners went right after the VA and fought for me. Thank you all so much! Absolute professionals and warriors in my book. Love to my law team. You guys & gals are the best!

Heather Hartley was my attorney for the VA Case for my late husband Michael Sarni.He passed away in 2015 and when Heather Hartley took over my case ,she really made a difference.She was very professional,but,also very compassionate.I was getting discouraged about everything,but,Heather gave me hope.When I had to go before the Judge in January of 2022,she was so supportive and optimistic and then “We won”!I was in complete disbelief and she called.the VA and let me know that we had,indeed,won our case!Thank you for having such a quality person on your staff at Gordon and Partners!She is a treasure!

Great news today! Gordon and Partners got done what I couldn’t do, and what the DAV couldn’t achieve. I’ve waited a long time and it feels surreal. A big shout out to Heather for her hard work and professional. She is very quick to reply and that was always appreciated. The doctors they work with make you feel very comfortable. Don’t give up. You’re in good hands! I can never thank them enough!

My case was handled by Trevor Gordon and Cinthia Vargas. They did an excellent job to go on during a very difficult time. Thank you so much for everything

I am a veteran who used this company to gain access to my VA benefits and they were EXCELLENT!! They always responded to me in a timely fashion, were very professional and never hesitated to answer my questions or to inform me of what was going on. My paralegal, Marielena Montoya, is the person that I usually communicated with and she made the entire process so quick and painless for me. They did all of the footwork for me, which was an amazing weight off of my shoulders. If you are a veteran who is sick and tired of being jerked around by the VA and you want someone who will fight hard for you, contact Gordon and Partners!!!!


My first name is Richard. I have had this firm handling my VA claims issues for quite some time. It has been a learning experience to discover how much is involved in dealing with the VA to get claims approved, and appealed. My attorney Faragui is a very diligent, and no nonsense attorney, and gets great results. Claudia, my paralegal is very good at explaining the claims process and both are working hard to get my disability percentage where it should be.

I would like to thank Gordon and partners firm for helping my case; thank you Cynthia and Trevor Gordon for walking me through the case. Outstanding staff, again thank you

Gloria Pollio, paralegal to Trevor Gordon, did an AMAZING job with my case. She went above and beyond to make sure I got the best settlement possible! She was always available to call and she consistently and clearly contacted me throughout updates during the case process. There couldn't have been a better outcome without her help! Thank you so much Gloria & Trevor. I will continue to use this firm thanks to Gloria and highly recommend them to others!!

I was very unhappy with the way Raina Lattimore was handling my case(or not handling it at all), so I sent an email and received an immediate response from Heather the next day. She assigned me to Jamie and I received more communication and insight on the specifics of my case in the last two weeks than I have in the last year. I am very pleased and would definitely refer everyone to Heather.

I want to thank Gordon & Partners Law Firm for taking on my case with the Department of Veteran Affairs. It has been a real uphill battle thus far with trying to get my claims approved and by reading the reviews from people in my same situation I know I have come to the right place. I read one review where a gentleman was discouraged because they were outsourced to another agency that was under Vet Law and their information was accessed by this agency. I want to say that these lawyers work countless hours on claims that are brought forth and sometimes one law firm might have to redirect you to another firm under their network. Should this matter given the circumstances. They are here to help "YOU" so give them a chance to do so without getting upset because the firm you chose doesn't have the time to work on your case as you would like. Kim Benedict has been outstanding with walking me through everything thus far and I really look forward to this firm helping me. Thank you again!!

Amanda Dominick is absolutely amazing; she has your undivided attention from beginning to end. I would like to thank Gordon & Partners for my VA win; you totally changed my life for the better.

You cannot go wrong with Gordon & Partners, P.A. The firm is great and especially their attorney, Heather Hartley. She was so easy to talk to, very knowledgeable and could handle my husband's moods. She jumped right in with both feet and got the results he had been waiting for. My Husband finally got his 100% disability and now we can finally buy our dream house. Heather is a very exceptional young lady and a great asset to the firm.

I have tried to get my 100% since I got out in 2010. It took Gordon & Partners to get my increase. I am very thankful for the law firm. I will recommend them to all my fellow battle buddies who need an attorney. Thank you Gordon & Partners! You are awesome!

I was very pleased with the time and attention that I received from the firm. Gloria Pollio was always very attentive and answered all of my questions. Hopefully I never need an attorney again, but if I do I will definitely use Gordon & Partners. Thank you for everything!

I just want to echo and give my kudos to an awesome job done for me by Gordon and Partners on getting me my VA disability benefits. To the attorneys Thomas Faragoi, Michael Hoffman and my paralegal Amanda Dominick my words can't express what you have done for my family and I and i already have been referring people to trust Gordon and Partners Law Firm for their legal needs. I remember speaking with Ms Amanda Dominick over the phone one day because i was apprehensive and out of kilter so to speak and i remember her exact words to me were "relax Mr. Weaver we are good at what we do" and i have repeated those words to my wife and others i know need legal help with VA and I can't say enough when they showed me they are REALLY good at what they do.... So thank you Gordon and Partners!!!!!!

Gordon and Partners are awesome! Trevor Gordon and Cinthia Vargas were diligent with settling my case. Not only did they work hard, but helped me though any issues or concerns. They were understanding and caring. I can't thank you enough.

I want to thank Mr.Gordon and Cinthia for a great and pleasant experience answering all my questions and concerns and being very attentive to my case.

I can not say enough good things about my experience with this law firm, specifically Scott Fisher and his paralegal Cherish Hankinson. They were with me every step of the way and never gave up the fight. Opposing counsel was very aggressive and tried to bully me and trip me up but Mr Fisher stood up for me every time. They were able to settle my case for more than I expected and it really made a hard situation bearable for me. I would HIGHLY recommend them if you are injured and are looking for a highly skilled, dedicated firm! Cherish was more then helpful and patient with my every question and concern as well! I can't thank them enough!!

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I would like to express my sincere appreciation to Gloria Pollio for the service that was provided to me. Gloria remained responsive to my questions and concerns during these unprecedented times. Gloria is very professional yet manages to express compassion which made me as a client feel that my case mattered. Thank you, Gloria - I wish you the best and would certainly recommend you if the opportunity should arise. Sincerely, Nancy

An excellent law firm that truly cares about their clients. Dan Osredkar is extremely knowledgeable, diligent, professional and honest. He provided the highest quality service and went above and beyond to make sure my case was handled efficiently with the best possible outcome. I highly recommend!

Attorney Mark Hanson and his staff, Katie and Patricia are the most professional team ever. Very responsive and caring during a difficult time. Mr. Hanson is extremely knowledgeable and dedicated to his clients. Thank you Gordon And Partners Mark Hanson you Rock!

I would like to express how grateful I am to have Trevor Gordon and Cinthia Vargas on my side during this whole process.. They were very organized throughput the whole trial. Phone calls,emails were always answered in a timely manner. I highly recommend Gordon & Partners.

My husband has been trying to get a 100% disabled rating from the VA since 2007 when SS gave his total disability. It has been a nightmare, especially since we are in our 70's now. Gordon and Partners agreed to help us with this and we finally got results in 2021. We worked with Heather Hartley, who was always positively responsive, always eager to listen and always professional. It wasn't easy, but she never gave up and was always positive. I feel like Heather is family now, even though we've never met. She deserves a raise and recognition for her dedication, excellent customer service and fantastic attitude. I would recommend Gordon and Partners and specifically Heather to anyone who needs assistance with a VA claim.

Profesionales y te hablan claro para que entiendes todo correctamente y son muy amables

Today, my VA benefits were approved! This would not have occurred without the assistance of Gordon & Partners. I thank everyone involved, the two attorneys that I worked with first Thomas Faragoi and then Michael Hoffman. I mostly worked hand-and-hand with attorney Michael Hoffman's two paralegals, Heather Hartley and Amanda Dominick. I love you two! All of your direction and advice was greatly needed!

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value After 30+ years of of paper work submitting trying to get somewhere with VA, I was recommended to try Gordon & Partners, so I did, the best advice I ever got, Gordon & Partner did in months what it me decades of trying. Angelique Gonzalez kept it professional, understandable, and simple; she deserves a Medal/Bonus for a job well done. I would highly recommend Gordon & Partners.

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I had a very positive experience with Gordon and Partners. Getting into an accident is stressful and overwhelming, but the support I received from their team, Paralegal Gloria Polillo especially, made the experience easy. I hope I never need them again, but I would definitely use them again.

They were very helpful and went the extra mile to help thru every aspect of my case and I had a good outcome. Would highly recommend them.

Great working with these folks, they really went above and beyond to help me with my needs. Would definitely recommend these folks if you are in the need of a lawyer that cares.

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