At Gordon & Partners, our number one priority is client satisfaction. In fact, our personal injury lawyers pride ourselves in providing professional legal services while always keeping our clients’ best interests in mind.

In an effort to continue offering the highest quality legal counsel possible, we are always requesting attorney client testimonials from injury victims and other clients who have turned to us for legal help.

The feedback provided by these testimonials is particularly valuable, as it offers critical insight into our legal aptitude, knowledge base, courtroom performance and overall competency, just to name a few.

It is because of attorney client testimonials that we have achieved so many successful verdicts and settlements. They have inspired us to consistently go above and beyond the professional call of duty in order to provide unparalleled legal services and commitment to our clients.

Listed below are numerous reviews that have recently been provided to us by several of our clients. As always, our clients are speaking purely in a personal capacity and are not compensated for the opinions given.

Representing me for Veterans Affairs claim, Mike Hoffman and his team are very responsive and knowledgeable. Although I am still in the process with no end result to report, all seems to be going well and impressed with their work.

I am very thankful that Gordon&Partners got me 100% disability from the V.A.They only wonted to give me 40%.Amanda Dominick did a wonderful job. I would recommend this Co. to any veteran that needs help filing for disability.I am also thankful to all the paralegals that help in my claim.I will use this law firm if I need legal help again.The psychiatrist Zachary Gleason was so easy to take to that two hours past be for I know it.So if you need help give them a call they can help.Thank you again.

I was referred to them by a family member after a bad car accident which involved myself and my two daughters. Trevor and his paralegal Cinthia did everything to make the lawsuit as smooth and stress-free as possible. They both were extremely professional and made me feel very comfortable throughout the entire lawsuit process. They both communicated with me in a timely manner even when they were not in the office. They became not just my legal counsel, but they have become like family to me. They held my hand throughout the entire process, and they answered the millions of questions I asked with immense patience and they never seemed to be bothered by the amount of questions I asked. They always had my best interest at heart and they truly cared about my well-being. They were willing to fight tooth and nail to get me the best settlement possible, which they did. I highly recommend this law firm because they are extremely helpful and they are willing to go above and beyond to help get justice and satisfy their client's needs.

I was referred to Gordon and Partners by a friend and I can honestly say they didn’t let me down Gloria did everything in her power to fight on my behalf and get me a great settlement for my case!! Thanks so much she really is the best, very prompt and professional!

Heather Hartley was a great help. She was easy to contact and talk to. She was very understanding when it came to my fight with the VA. I highly recommend Gordon & Partners and especially Heather Hartley. Thank you for all you help!

This firm was outstanding! They cared about my individual needs and wants. Even though we are in different states, they were never farther than a phone call or email away! (Even during the Pandemic) I felt very secure right from the first phone call. They were able to do what previous firms could not and in about a year's time! They took my 40% to 100% and got it backdated from 2021 to 2017! CHA CHING!!! The folks at this firm will take care of you. I guarantee you will not be disappointed.

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I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your commitment, dedication and empathy made the difference. After so many years I thought my battle with the VA was a lost cause, but you made it happen. Amanda Dominik you are awesome, God bless you. Your professionalism and your "I got this" attitude made me feel secured and at ease knowing in my heart that you REALLY DID. To Mr. Hoffman and the entire team, THANK YOU. God Bless you.

I am an Attorney but I only handle Probate and Estate Planning matters, so when my Wife was involved in an auto accident , which left her with serious injuries, I immediately called Bob Gordon. He and his staff, Emily and Cherish, were very accessible, responsive to our needs and always willing to help when we had questions or needed an updated status report. The case took five years to complete, but the results were greater than we expected and exceeded the policy limits !! I will not hesitate to recommend Gordon and Partners to my clients, family and friends. Phil and Judy Brothman

I just want to thank you for your help. You not only got me in a year and a half what for 20 years I was fighting for with the VA over, but you did it with honesty, integrity and respect. That's what meant most to me. Respect. At no time did I feel that it was more about the money we can make then what can we do for this client. I will refer this company any chance I get. You are a great group of people. Thank you. You, Amanda Dominick are the best. I hope one day to thank you in person. Sincerely Ron Jones (PR2) Retired.

Marielena was very helpful and professional throught the entire process. Great communication, when i began to have my doubts, she pushed forward and we came out on top. Thx for everything and you guys definitely have my recommendation.

Emily Slater went well above my expectations. She genuinely seemed invested and wanted to do what was best for me. She was definitely working on my behalf and kept me in the loop the entire time. After I thought all was lost she pushed forward and we came out on top. She’s a true professional that I plan to refer people to and use in the future if need be. Thank you again.

I cannot put into words how grateful I am for Trevor Gordon and Cinthia Vargas who held my hand and practically wiped my tears through the phone through this whole process after a very painful accident and loss of a loved one. It was a long process but they kept me very informed and updated in every step of the way. Countless times I cried and expressed my anger and upset at the situation I found myself in and they were patient and kind every step of the way. I could not have asked for a better team to help me through such a difficult time and land me on the top at the end of it! I'm so grateful and thankful for them I recommend them to anyone!

Excellent attorneys, they find a way to get their customers compensated when there seem to be no way. i highly recomednd this law firm.

Gordon and Partners helped me tremendously after my car accident. They were thorough and kept me up to date on everything that was happening with my case. Thank you very much for everything.

Scott Fisher was outstanding, he seem to really care about my situation and not the almighty dollar. Very professional, very diligent and very matter of fact. I pray I never need him again, but he was truly in my corner the whole time. Most lawyers will say they’ll go to court,But in all actuality They well try to settle the case. This firm is different.They will definitely go to trial and the defense knows it. Beware of firms who have cheesy commercials and talk about how they love their attorney ,and they got me X amount of dollars. It makes me sick and gives a whole industry a bad name. My paralegals,Melissa and Michelle, were the best! They kept me abreast of the situation on a daily basis and I’m sure I was a real pain in the butt to them, I pray I never need them again but Gordon and partners is my firm

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You guys are awesome . Just wish we could expedite issue .

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Had an amazing experience with Gordon And Partners they took care of me in everyway!! Don’t think twice about calling them there amazing !

Thirty years of excellent customer service

This was my first time ever hiring an attorney. Gordon & Partners made a scary & uncertain process organized, easy, painless, and quick. Their intake staff and my paralegals Amanda & Stephanie did a fantastic job in keeping me informed every step of the way, and in explaining any questions I had. The only time I had to speak to my attorney about a concern, he made sure to explain it inside and out for me in a clear manner. I am incredibly happy in how much they were able to get (more above and beyond then I had even expected; my only goal was to just get my medical bills covered to get out of pain). I would recommend them 100%, especially because the medical provider they recommended was beyond stellar in helping me. Thank you guys!

Trevor Gordon and his associate Cynthia Vargas, were there for me all the way. I had fallen and immediately contacted the law firm. I was treated with respect 100% of the time. Communication was excellent. Any questions I had, they were answered. There are many firms in Palm Beach recommendation is Gordon and Partners. I attended many meetings, hearings, never once did I feel alone. Superb guidance. Again, thank you for making a very complicated injury more tolerable.


They didn't give up after I had. Case won.

Your search is over! This is the best legal help I have ever had. They handled my case in a professional and timely manner. Stephanie was great helping me to understand any and all questions and explained issues to me in an easy to comprehend manner. I will be referring anyone I know to use Gordon and Partners! Trust me, you need to trust them!

I was turned down by 3 law firms for my VA case, and just when I was about to hang it up I received a call saying they would take my case. Although my case is not all the way complete just yet, so far I’ve had awesome results. I want to just brag on Raina Lattimore. She’s an absolute bulldog when it comes to getting things done, but just as sweet and professional. And I mean that in the most positive way! She called me after getting a decision letter from the VA, and before I could even express how I felt about it she was already telling me how she was not accepting it and also it had already been sent in for appeal. I can’t express the reassurance I feel everyday knowing that my case is in good hands.

Great attention to detail

Josh Heller and His paralegal Tina were top notch in handling our case. They answered all our questions throughout the process and made sure we were happy with the results. If you need a personal injury attorney in south Florida I wouldn’t hesitate a bit to call Josh Heller at Gordon and Partners.

When I was looking for an attorney I didn't realize that I would get a team of amazing people. I'm lucky enough to have Mark Hanson Patricia and Katie on my team. These three have gone above and beyond my expectations. Anytime I have ever called no matter what the question was they had an answer or they found it. I'm so thankful I chose the right family. I really appreciate all the hard work and time they have put into my case. Thank you will never be enough.

Great Lawyers! Helped me with a hit and run years ago!

They pay great attention to their clients

Gordon & Partners handled my case very professionally from the start. Stephanie Price was excellent in explaining everythingto me. She kept me informed and aware of everything in regards to my case. She was very understanding, reliable and considerate. Congratulations to Gordon & Partners for having her on staff in addition to all the great staff members I had interactions with during the process of my case. I would recommend them to anyone, thank you Stephanie and thank you Gordon & Partners.

Seeking legal counsel can feel imposing if not impossible and from the moment I made first contact with them they made me feel confident and comfortable, my case was handled expertly, they kept me aware of everything, and it goes without saying the ruling was everything I felt I deserved. I certainly do not want to make needing a lawyer a habit, but if the need arises, I know who to immediately turn to, and that is Gordon & Partners, every single time. If you're reading this you're in the right place, ask for Mike Hoffman.

Gordon and Partners are handling my VA disability case and they have been on top of everything and anything. If you need help ask for Mike Hoffman.

I am a Veteran who has been trying to navigate the claims process for over a decade alone, until I decided to speak with one of Gordon & Partners attorneys by the name of Michael Hoffman. Mr. Hoffman has been amazing! He has talked me through the process, told me what documentation I need to collect, and given me his opinion on how me should move forward. Mr. Hoffman and his associates have been extremely responsive and helpful, even during the COVID-19 shutdown. My experience has been so great I have referred Mr. Hoffman to a few other veterans that I know who have been having the same issues as I have with the VA.

I work with these people for over 4 years. This law firm gave excellent results. The legal Assistant Reina lattimore was very helpful explaining my case. I actually got better results than I expected.

They did exactly what they said they could do. I highly recommend them!

These guys was so professional. I would recommend anyone to them. When I thought I was not going to win they assured me that they were doing everything in their power to make it happen and at the end they help me prevail.

EXCELENT people they help me all the way, took a little long but all is well Thank you

Dealing with the VA is always a nightmare. This team along with some of the most amazing paralegals closed out my claims with 100% T&P and special monthly compensation. That are also working with my dad on his claims as well as a lawsuit dealing with a dog attack. Amazing team! Highly recommend to anyone! Cory

It was a LONG 3 years BUT Gordon and Partners saw it through to the end and fought for my husbands rights! After being denied 2x for a chronic illness clearly directly related to his 10years of time in the Air Force, plenty of documentation to back this up. Gordon and Partners went to bat for this veteran and got him what he deserves. Recognition of fault. Marielena Montoya, Paralegal has patience of SAINT! At times my husband can't even get out of bed and go to work. I would call her pleading for an update and explain our situation. She was ALWAYS so kind, patient and helpful and did her best to answer our questions and soothe our anxieties. My husband is now able to lay his head on his pillow with ease knowing he had someone fight for him and get the recognition he deserves. AND we have the services available to get him all the help, health services and care he needs to be able to function. THANK YOU GORDON AND PARTNERS for your dedication to our veterans. God Bless you all.

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