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abuse in nursing homesIf you have entrusted the care of your loved one to a nursing home or assisted living facility, the last thing you expect is that they will be abused or neglected.

If your loved one has been injured or died because of mistreatment in a nursing home, you need a qualified lawyer to help you recover the compensation your loved one deserves.

The West Palm Beach nursing home abuse attorneys have decades of experience defending the rights of the injured and the innocent. We will evaluate your claim through a free, no obligation consultation and will immediately begin working to build a robust case on behalf of your loved one.

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Types of Abuse in Nursing Homes

Sadly, despite strict state and federal regulations on nursing homes, neglect and abuse of the elderly are common occurrences. It can come in many forms, but always has the same devastating effects on both the victim and their family.

That is why our West Palm Beach nursing home abuse attorneys have dedicated their practice to protecting the rights of the elderly and fighting for fair compensation for the injured. We have decades of experience representing victims who have suffered from all types of nursing home abuse, including:


Neglect is probably the most common form of nursing home abuse. It occurs when a caretaker or medical professional fails to meet established standards of care or expectations from family members.
Neglect can include failing to properly provide adequate care, such as assisting with hygiene or depriving a patient of basic necessities like food, water, medication and safety. Some of the warning signs of neglect can include:

  • Malnourishment
  • Dehydration
  • Lesions or rashes on skin
  • Bedsores
  • The smell of urine or feces, either on the resident or in their room
  • Health or safety hazards in the resident’s living space
  • Physical Abuse

Abuse of this nature includes not only physical contact or battery, but also other actions that can cause physical harm to a resident. This can include:

  • Pushing, hitting, kicking or shoving
  • Burning
  • Excessive restraints
  • Improperly restraining
  • Force-feeding
  • Denying food or drinks
  • Overmedication

Physical abuse can leave warning signs, such as cuts, broken bones, bruising and other markings.

Sexual Abuse

Unfortunately, sexual abuse is not uncommon in nursing homes. Sexual abuse is considered any form of unwanted or nonconsensual sexual activity with a resident. In some circumstances, the resident is too weak or unable communicate and is taken advantage of. Perpetrators can include staff members, visitors and even other residents.
Inappropriate affectionate or flirty behavior by staff members toward a resident can be a sign of sexual abuse. A resident may also withdrawal from usual social interactions or become depressed after sexual abuse.

Psychological Abuse

Any actions, verbal or nonverbal, that cause emotional pain and suffering to an elderly resident is considered psychological or emotional abuse. Some common examples include:

  • Verbal abuse
  • Bullying and making threats
  • Ignoring a resident
  • Isolation
  • Harassment
  • Yelling and shouting
  • Intimidation
  • Degradation
  • Manipulation

The signs of emotional abuse are often the most difficult to identify. Victims may exhibit mood swings, withdrawal, low self-esteem, and anxiety or depression.

Financial Abuse

Financial abuse can occur when the person responsible for an elderly person’s finances takes advantage of their position and misappropriates the funds. This can include stealing physical cash or belongings, stealing funds, mismanaging assets, delaying bill payments and cashing checks without consent. It can also include forcing a resident to sign access to funds, power of attorney, or a will or other legal contract.

Signs of financial abuse include frequent withdrawals from bank accounts, lost property, new loans or mortgages, and recent revisions to wills and other important legal documents.

Regardless of the type of abuse, if you believe your loved one is a victim, you may have legal recourse. Contact our West Palm Beach nursing home abuse attorneys today to discuss your legal options.

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Hold Nursing Homes Accountable

Nursing homes have an obligation to provide care for their residents. When they fail in this duty and act negligently or abuse residents, they should be held accountable. Under Florida law, those who have suffered from nursing home abuse are entitled to compensation.

Our West Palm Beach nursing home abuse attorneys have decades of experience standing up for the injured, especially the elderly. You may be entitled to file a nursing home abuse lawsuit if it can be proven that a facility or its staff acted negligently.

Some common types of nursing home negligence can include:

Negligent Hiring Practices – It is the nursing home’s responsibility to hire qualified staff who have the proper education, pass a background check, and meet all state and federal requirements. When a resident is injured because of a staff member who was not properly educated or had a criminal record, the facility can be held liable.

Inadequate Training – Nursing home facilities can be held accountable for patients who are injured because of poorly trained staff who are not taught how to properly administer medications or how to handle unruly patients.

Understaffing – If a nursing home does not have an appropriate staff-to-patient ratio, quality of care will decline. When there are too few staff members, they are unable to spend adequate time with each patient, which can lead to neglect, medication errors and other forms of abuse.

Medication Errors – Nursing homes are responsible for ensuring that residents receive the appropriate medications in the correct dosage at the correct time. Errors with prescription medications can lead to life-threatening injuries for which the facility can be held liable.

Third Party Responsibility – Nursing homes have a duty to provide protection to the elderly. They can be held liable for injuries caused by a third party, including residents or visitors.

If you suspect abuse or neglect, do not hesitate to seek legal counsel. Our West Palm Beach nursing home abuse attorneys will evaluate and investigate your claim to determine if you have a case. If you do, we will do everything in our power to hold the responsible parties accountable and to recover the compensation for your loved one’s suffering. Get started today with a free consultation.

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Contact our Nursing Home Abuse Attorneys

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Our West Palm Beach nursing home abuse attorneys are committed to protecting the rights of the elderly and will work tirelessly to recover just compensation for a loved one’s injuries or death. We offer complimentary consultations, and we only get paid when we obtain a recovery for your claim.

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