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Suffering an injury offshore can be a frightening experience as immediate assistance is not always available. Depending on the injury, failing to receive medical attention right away can lead to a life-threatening situation.

These types of accidents and injuries are emotionally and financially draining for the victim and their families. The maritime lawyers at Gordon & Partners handle claims involving boat and cruise ship accidents as well as claims on behalf of injured seamen.

If you or someone you love was hurt in a maritime accident, contact a maritime lawyer for a free case evaluation. With dozens of successful verdicts and settlements, we are a law firm you can trust to fight for your rights.

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Maritime Injury Claims

Unfortunately, maritime injuries are not uncommon in the state of Florida. Our maritime lawyers represent all those who have been injured while at sea. Some of the most common maritime injuries include:

  • Workboat injuries
  • Tanker or cargo ship injuries
  • Offshore rig injuries
  • Tugboat and barge injuries
  • Inland marine injuries
  • Ferry or water taxi injuries
  • International maritime injuries
  • Dock worker injuries
  • Cruise ship and commercial vessel injuries
  • Scuba diving accidents
  • Inland marine injuries

If you have suffered an injury while at sea, do not hesitate to call our maritime lawyers at Gordon & Partners for a free and confidential case evaluation.

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Which Maritime Laws Protect You?

When you are injured offshore, you may not know what laws are available to protect your legal rights. Specific laws, such as the Jones Act, Longshore & Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act, General Maritime Law, and Maintenance and Cure can help you obtain compensation for your injuries.

Jones Act
Also known as the Merchant Marine Act of 1920, the Jones Act is a federal statute that allows an injured sailor who spends more than 30 percent of their time on a sea-faring vessel to make a claim and collect compensation if their injury was cause by negligence.

Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act
The Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act extends coverage to workers who have been hurt, but are not eligible to seek compensation under the Jones Act. A maritime lawyer can help you determine if your injury is covered under the Jones Act or Longshore Act.

Death on the High Seas Act
Originally intended to help dependents of seamen who died at sea due to another’s negligence, this act now includes wrongful death claims caused by airplane accidents over water that occur beyond U.S. waters.

Maintenance & Cure
Maintenance and cure is available to seamen injured on board a vessel during their time of employment.

Maintenance requires that an employer provide an allowance of living expenses incurred while the seaman is unable to work aboard a vessel. Cure requires the employer to provide payments for appropriate medical care, such as medication and physical therapy. Maintenance and cure is very similar to workers’ compensation.

A maritime lawyer can help you determine which laws may be able to protect your legal rights if you were injured on board a ship.

Who Can File a Claim?

Those working aboard a vessel have numerous ways to file a claim for a maritime injury, however, claims can also be filed against a third party or boating insurance company. A plaintiff will have to prove that negligence led to his or her injuries, which can be done in various ways, including:

  • The accused owed the victim a duty of care
  • The duty was breach
  • The accused’s negligence caused the accident
  • Injuries were sustained as a result of negligence

Along with injured workers, cruise ship guests as well as those on board private vessels may be eligible to file a lawsuit if it is proven that someone else’s negligence led to an injury. A maritime lawyer can help victims of offshore injuries prove that negligence led to their pain and suffering.

Why You Need a Maritime Lawyer

It is important to understand that maritime employers and commercial cruise lines have insurance adjusters prepared to work for them. An experienced maritime lawyer is on your side and will help you fight for the compensation you deserve.

Our lawyers will thoroughly investigate the incident, collect witness statements and collect evidence that will help substantiate your claim. Don’t go at it alone, contact Gordon & Partners to help you with your maritime injury claim.

With more than 150 years of combined legal experienced, our maritime lawyers can help guide you through the litigation process and determine the best options to ensure you received the MAXIMUM amount of compensation you deserve. We are on your side. It can feel like you are facing an uncertain future after an accident, but our maritime lawyers have the skills and determination to help you get back on your feet.

Contact a Maritime Lawyer

Whether you have been injured while working on a boat; while using a personal watercraft; or while on a cruise ship; our maritime lawyers can help you.

An accident can happen in an instant, but the effects from an injury can last a lifetime.

If you were injured due to the negligence of another, contact the maritime lawyers at Gordon & Partners today and find out if you have grounds to file a damages claim.

To learn more about your legal options, call us today at 1 (855) 722-2552 or reach us online 24 hours a day, seven days a week via Live Chat.

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