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Can I Get Workers’ Compensation If I Was Assaulted at Work?

Posted on behalf of Gordon & Partners on Feb 18, 2020 in Workers' Compensation

Most people think of a fall or injury that occurs from machinery when thinking about a compensable work injury. However, other types of injuries may make you eligible for workers’ compensation benefits, including workplace assaults. If you were assaulted…

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Should I Accept the Initial Settlement Offer From the Insurance Company?

Posted on behalf of Gordon & Partners on Feb 11, 2020 in Personal Injury

After being injured in an accident, the insurance company may reach out to you and try to quickly resolve your claim. But will the initial settlement offer be enough to cover all of your expenses? This is why it is important to understand the full extent…

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Ways Surgical Errors Could Lead to Medical Malpractice

Posted on behalf of Gordon & Partners on Feb 04, 2020 in Medical Malpractice

Surgeons and surgical staff are some of the most highly trained and qualified medical professionals in the country. However, when they fail to provide the proper care or make an error during surgery, they may be liable for medical malpractice. When this…

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Can a Car Manufacturer Be Liable for a Collision?

Posted on behalf of Gordon & Partners on Jan 28, 2020 in Auto Accidents

Consumers depend on automobile manufacturers to produce safe and reliable vehicles. When vehicles fail to meet safety standards, accidents can occur. If you were injured in a collision caused by a manufacturing defect, request a free consultation with…

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Why Poor Hygiene Among Residents May Be a Sign of Nursing Home Abuse

Posted on behalf of Gordon & Partners on Jan 20, 2020 in Nursing Home Abuse

Many families make the difficult decision to have their loved one placed in a nursing home when he or she can no longer live independently. Families trust these facilities to properly care for their loved one. However, when the nursing home fails to…

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The Risks of Returning to Work Early Following an Injury

Posted on behalf of Gordon & Partners on Jan 08, 2020 in Workers' Compensation

After a workplace injury, employers often want their employees to return to work as quickly as possible. However, this may not be in the employee’s best interests. Employees may feel that they have to go along with their employer’s wishes, but they must…

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Factors That May Prolong Settling a Personal Injury Case

Posted on behalf of Gordon & Partners on Jan 02, 2020 in Personal Injury

One of the most common questions that personal injury victims ask is: how long will my case take to settle? Since every case is different, the amount of time it will take will depend on several factors, some of which can cause certain cases to take longer…

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Is a Cancer Misdiagnosis Considered to Be Medical Malpractice?

Posted on behalf of Gordon & Partners on Dec 26, 2019 in Medical Malpractice

Cancer is one of the most common types of medical misdiagnosis, leading to serious consequences for patients. If the cancer is not identified or is mistaken for another disease, a patient may not receive the proper treatment. This can cause a patient’s…

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What Happens if You Are Injured Driving a Company Vehicle?

Posted on behalf of Gordon & Partners on Dec 16, 2019 in Workers' Compensation

Florida’s workers’ compensation system provides medical and partial wage replacement benefits for those injured while working in the course of their employment. However, it can sometimes be difficult to establish when certain activities fall within this…

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Choosing a Doctor in Workers’ Compensation Cases

Posted on behalf of Gordon & Partners on Dec 11, 2019 in Workers' Compensation

If you sustain a work-related injury or illness, your employer’s insurance company should provide you with any reasonable medical care needed. However, you may have limited options in choosing a doctor who will treat your condition and advocate on your…

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