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Should I Accept the Initial Settlement Offer From the Insurance Company?

Posted on behalf of Gordon & Partners on Feb 11, 2020 in Personal Injury

After being injured in an accident, the insurance company may reach out to you and try to quickly resolve your claim. But will the initial settlement offer be enough to cover all of your expenses? This is why it is important to understand the full extent…

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Factors That May Prolong Settling a Personal Injury Case

Posted on behalf of Gordon & Partners on Jan 02, 2020 in Personal Injury

One of the most common questions that personal injury victims ask is: how long will my case take to settle? Since every case is different, the amount of time it will take will depend on several factors, some of which can cause certain cases to take longer…

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Managing Your Medical Bills While Your Claim is Pending

Posted on behalf of Gordon & Partners on Dec 02, 2019 in Personal Injury

If you were injured in an accident, you might be surprised that you are initially on the hook for the payment of medical bills, even if your injuries were due to someone else’s negligence. Since you will not get paid until the end of the claims process…

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Filing a Personal Injury Lawsuit on Behalf of Another Person

Posted on behalf of Gordon & Partners on Nov 11, 2019 in Personal Injury

When someone is harmed by another person’s negligence, he or she usually has the right to pursue legal action against the at-fault party. But what happens if the injury victim cannot do this on his or her own?  The knowledgeable West Palm Beach personal…

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Ways the Discovery Process Can Affect a Personal Injury Case

Posted on behalf of Gordon & Partners on Oct 16, 2019 in Personal Injury

After a lawsuit is filed, but before it is heard in court, is the stage where the discovery process takes place. This stage is critical to the success of a personal injury case moving forward, as it is a time for your lawyer to collect the evidence needed…

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Unfair Settlement Practices Insurance Companies Use to Devalue a Claim

Posted on behalf of Gordon & Partners on Sep 25, 2019 in Personal Injury

Insurance companies’ primary goal is to save themselves money. To do so, they attempt to pay less for claims. Insurance adjusters may use certain strategies to lower the settlement offer made to you, even when your claim may be worth more. If you have…

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Pre-Existing Conditions and Their Effect on Injury Claims

Posted on behalf of Gordon & Partners on Aug 06, 2019 in Personal Injury

In many accident cases, a victim may face questions and opposition by the other party’s insurance company and legal team about any pre-existing conditions they have. While it can be difficult to file a personal injury claim for conditions and injuries…

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Recovering Compensation for Loss of Earning Capacity After an Injury

Posted on behalf of Gordon & Partners on Jun 27, 2019 in Personal Injury

Accident injuries have the power to devastate your life in many ways, both immediately and in the future. If you are unable to earn the same income as before due to your injuries, you may be entitled to compensation for these damages. Our West Palm Beach…

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How to Prove Catastrophic Injuries in Your Personal Injury Case

Posted on behalf of Gordon & Partners on May 23, 2019 in Personal Injury

While any injury can be painful and cause inconvenience in your life, there are certain types of injuries that cause greater physical, emotional and financial consequences to accident victims. These are often referred to as catastrophic injuries. If…

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Should I Expect to Pay Taxes on My Personal Injury Settlement?

Posted on behalf of Gordon & Partners on Apr 10, 2019 in Personal Injury

Personal injury cases are often settled without ever going to trial. A case is considered settled from the moment your lawyer informs the defense attorney that you accept the settlement offer. However, determining whether or not the money you received…

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