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Traffic accidents cause many types of injuries, from minor bruising to severe or life-threatening damages, such as a spinal cord injury. Rarely, however, do people think about victims getting scarred in a car crash.At Gordon and Partners, we have extensive experience advocating for victims with serious injuries and scars from car crashes and other accidents. […] Read More
Driving school helps student drivers to gain more confidence while building their behind-the-wheel skills. However, what happens if a drivers’ ed student causes a crash? Is the injured victim on the hook for the damages?Gordon and Partners explain more about a car crash claim involving a student driver and how injury victims can seek compensation […] Read More
Scooters, specifically electric scooters (e-scooters), are everywhere these days. They are convenient to use, especially in warmer areas, like south Florida, where they can be ridden year-round. As scooter popularity grows, so do the questions about their use and traffic safety.What happens if a collision occurs? Are the drivers of a motor vehicle always to […] Read More
Peer-to-peer (P2P) car sharing is a service that enables people to book, access and use cars. If you live in an urban area, using this service can save a lot of money on insurance and car payments.Although it has been around for a few years, it is still relatively new. Unlike more established ridesharing services, […] Read More
If you have ever been behind the wheel for long periods of time, you may have experienced highway hypnosis. It is a phenomenon that causes you to go into a trance-like state while driving.Highway hypnosis can affect a driver’s ability to safely respond to unexpected situations and hazardous conditions on the roadway, increasing the risk […] Read More
Car crashes involving pedestrians often lead to serious or disabling injuries and death. Although many pedestrian crashes take place throughout the year in Florida, car crash risks tend to increase during the summer months between June and August as more people are out and enjoying the warmer weather.Our attorneys discuss several reasons for the increase […] Read More
Depositions are an important part of the legal process and can be used to gather information about a case. A deposition is testimony taken under oath outside of a courtroom for discovery purposes. It is a question-and-answer session where the attorneys for both parties take turns answering questions. Generally, the questions asked are the same […] Read More

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