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We understand that you may be reluctant to step forward and report misconduct or fraudulent activities by your company. Fortunately, state and federal laws are in place to protect employees from employer retaliation after filing a whistleblower claim.

Our West Palm Beach whistleblower attorneys have detailed knowledge of the False Claims Act, which allows employees who have knowledge of fraud against government programs or contracts to file a qui tam lawsuit on behalf of the United States.

As trusted industry experts, we will act as your advocate throughout the entire litigation process and will ensure you are fully compensated as a whistleblower and completely protected from any form of workplace discrimination or retaliation.

Every consultation with one of our experienced attorneys is completely confidential and 100% free. We are committed to protecting your rights and will utilize our full resources to build a successful case on your behalf.

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False Claims Act

Qui tam laws have been in existence in one form or another since the Middle Ages. During the American Civil War, President Abraham Lincoln called for the creation of America’s own version, the False Claims Act, in an effort to combat the high levels of fraud by military contractors who were abusing government contracts and providing faulty weapons and rotten food to soldiers.

An important part of the qui tam provision provides the “relator,” or the person filing the suit, to receive a portion of the reward from a successful lawsuit. The whistleblower who brings a claim is entitled to 15 to 30 percent of the reward recovered by the government.

All citizens have the right to report fraud through a qui tam lawsuit so long as the information provided to the government is original and was not previously known.

Many states, including Florida, have also created their own whistleblower protection laws. Our West Palm Beach whistleblower attorneys are well-versed in both state and federal qui tam laws.

We put our years of experience behind every case and work to get you the compensation you are entitled to as a whistleblower. Take action today if you believe if you have knowledge of government fraud.

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Reporting Fraudulent Activities

A False Claims Act violation can be committed in any industry by any organization or corporation that enters into contract with the government. Some of the cases handled by our whistleblower attorneys can include, but are not limited to:

  • Healthcare Fraud: The largest penalties issued under the False Claims Act have been in the area of health care fraud by health care providers, patients, insurers, health managed care organizations and medical equipment suppliers. If the fraud results in reimbursement or payments through Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security or a state insurance program, it may fall under the False Claims Act.
  • Corporate Fraud: A corporate fraud claim may exist if a company overbills the government for goods or services, misrepresents what services were provided or files false reports.
  • Tax Fraud: Using illegal means to avoid paying taxes is a fraud against the government. Tax evasion can include misrepresenting income, taking unauthorized deductions, overstating the size of deductions, hiding or omitting assets or property, and under-reporting the value of an estate.

Other types of fraud can include defense contractor, environmental, US Postal Service, student loan or government fraud, among many others.

If you have knowledge of fraud against the government, it is important that you report any violations. With the guidance of our experienced West Palm Beach whistleblower attorneys, you can feel confident that your case will be handled with the utmost professionalism and focus on your best interests.

We will confidentially evaluate your claim, build a robust case on your behalf and work tirelessly to ensure you receive the compensation and protections you deserve.

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Whistleblower Protections

Whistleblowers play an important role in exposing fraud and other misconduct against the government. For these reasons they are protected under the False Claims act from any form of retaliation by an employer, including discrimination, termination, shortened hours, harsh work environment and other reprimands.

If a whistleblower experiences retaliation, he or she is entitled to reinstatement in a current or superior position, double back pay and other special damages.

Due to the sensitive nature of these cases and the risk that many whistleblowers take when voicing their concerns, the complaint is always filed under seal. This means that the information contained in the lawsuit is not available to the accused or the public, nor can it be discussed by anyone except by those directly investigating the case.

Our West Palm Beach whistleblower attorneys know the risks you take when reporting an employer under the False Claims Act. That is why we are committed to ensuring your rights are fully protected throughout and following this process.

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Speak with Our West Palm Beach Whistleblower Attorneys

If you know of any fraudulent activity, contact our West Palm Beach whistleblower attorneys today. We will confidentially assess your claim and help to determine if you have grounds to file a lawsuit.

When filing a False Claim Act lawsuit, it is critical that you have an experienced team of whistleblower attorneys on your side. With decades of combined legal experience and a record of obtaining favorable verdicts and settlements for hundreds of clients, we have the knowledge and resources to handle your qui tam litigation. We work on a contingency fee basis and do not get paid unless you win.

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