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Prevent Motorcycle Accidents with These Safety Tips

Motorcyclists are 27 times more likely to be killed in a collision compared to victims of car accidents, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. Motorcyclists can help prevent an accident by practicing these seven safety tips. If you… Read More

Important Motorcycle Laws for Florida Bikers

Many people love the openness and the fresh air they enjoy when riding their motorcycle. However, motorcyclists are at an increased risk of being injured or killed if they are involved in an accident due to the lack of exterior protection offered by the… Read More

Florida Leads the Nation in Deadly Motorcycle Accidents

Sunny Florida is home to hundreds if not thousands of avid motorcycle riders. However, data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) shows that Florida leads the country for the greatest number of fatal motorcycle accidents. According… Read More

Road Hazards that Can Cause Motorcycle Accidents

Although many motorcycle accidents are caused by a negligent motorist, some are the result of a dangerous road hazard. Because motorcyclists lack many of the traditional protections of a passenger vehicle, they are especially susceptible to imperfections… Read More

Motorcycle and Bicycle Safety Awareness Month

Last year, there were 9,914 motorcycle crashes resulting in 554 fatalities on Florida roads. The state has consistently remained in the top three for motorcycle fatalities and accidents. This Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, the Florida Department… Read More

Motorcycle Safety Tips for New Riders

If you've recently obtained a motorcycle endorsement or license, youre ready to hit the road! However, most novice riders are not always prepared for their first time on a motorcycle, even if they obtained their license. In 2013, motorcycles and mopeds… Read More

Share the Road: May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

May 1 kicked off national Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, a 30-day campaign dedicated to raising awareness on sharing the road with motorcyclists to prevent accidents and injuries.For several years, the number of reported motorcycle accident s decreased.… Read More

Motorcyclist Killed in Fiery Hit-and-Run Crash in Hollywood

Jason Swanson, 30, was killed in a fiery hit-and-run motorcycle accident on Sunday evening near Washington Street and S. 56th Avenue.Witnesses say they heard a motorcycle for a few seconds and then an explosion. Hollywood police officers found Swansons… Read More

49-Year-Old Father Dies in Scooter Accident

Forty-nine-year-old Dale Hudson was killed at 5:25 a.m. on Saturday morning while riding his motor scooter home from work on I-95. Hudson, father of two teens, was well known for his career in the South Florida hospitality industry. His career spanned… Read More

An Increase in Moped Riders Means an Increase in Moped Accidents

A recent uptick in the number of moped riders in South Florida has led to an increase in the number of moped and scooter accidents being reported. According to statistics from the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, the number of crashes… Read More


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