Do I Have a Motorcycle Road Rash Injury Claim?

motorcycle turned over in front of vehicle

Road rash is a common type of injury in motorcycle accident s that occurs when the skin makes contact with the road after being thrown from the motorcycle.

Road rash injuries can be severe and require lengthy and expensive medical treatment. If the accident was caused by another’s negligence, victims may be able to pursue compensation for the injuries and financial losses they suffered from the accident.

Gordon & Partners’s West Palm Beach motorcycle accident attorney s have helped many victims who have suffered from road rash injuries. We will provide you with a free, no obligation consultation to review your claim and determine if you have a case against the at-fault party. Our personal injury attorneys in West Palm Beach will not hesitate to pursue the maximum compensation you deserve.

Types of Road Rash

Road rash refers to the scrapes and abrasions on your skin that occurs when you slide across the roadway during a motorcyclist crash.

Road rash injuries are grouped into three categories based on the severity of the injury. This includes:

  • First-Degree: These injuries are minor and affect the outer skin layer by causing redness and a burning sensation. Typically, a first-degree road rash does not require medical treatment.
  • Second-Degree: This level of road rash breaks the skin’s outer layer, resulting in pain and swelling. Second-degree road rash may require medical treatment and can result in minor scarring.
  • Third-Degree: This type of injury occurs on the outer and inner layers of your skin and will likely require immediate medical treatment. Often, victims suffer skin loss and scarring after suffering a third-degree road rash, which requires skin grafts to repair the affected area.

Depending on the level of road rash a victim suffers during a motorcycle accident, he or she may require long-term medical treatment for infections, scarring and disfigurement.

Compensation for a Road Rash Claim

Sustaining a road rash injury in a motorcycle accident can lead to severe injuries and expensive medical treatment. Additionally, victims who suffer severe third-degree road rash may suffer loss of income if their injury prevents them from working.

For this reason, motorcycle accident victims who acquire a road rash injury may be entitled to compensation for:

Medical Expenses

Always seek medical treatment immediately after a motorcycle accident. The following medical costs will be tracked to determine the value of the medical expenses you have encountered due to your injuries:

  • Past and future medical treatment
  • Doctors’ visits
  • Emergency room care
  • Surgery
  • Lab testing, medical imaging and other diagnostic tests
  • Medications
  • Assistive devices, such as crutches or braces
  • Cost for medical supplies
  • Cost for traveling to and from medical appointments

Lost Wages

If a motorcycle accident victim suffers a serious road-rash injury that prevents him or her from working, he or she may be entitled to compensation for lost wages while recovering from his or her injury.

If the victim’s injury was severe enough to prevent him or her from returning to his or her regular job, the victim may be entitled to compensation for loss of earning capacity. This means the victim may be able to receive compensation for the wages the victim would have made if he or she had not been injured during the accident.

Furthermore, motorcycle accident victims who suffer a permanent disability may be entitled to compensation for vocational training for a new position if he or she is unable to perform his or her previous job’s duties.

Pain and Suffering

Road rash injuries can cause a great deal of pain, suffering, discomfort and mental anguish for victims. The severity of your road rash injury, recovery time and pain the injury causes will be considered when determining compensation for pain and suffering.

Scarring and Disfigurement

Severe third-degree road rash can cause significant scarring and disfigurement, even when medical treatment is sought.

If you suffered permanent bodily damage during a motorcycle accident, you may be entitled to compensation for scarring and disfigurement.

However, this may depend on the degree of road rash sustained, its location on your body and how the scarring or disfigurement has impacted your life.

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