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Seeking legal counsel can feel imposing if not impossible and from the moment I made first contact with them they made me feel confident and comfortable, my case was handled expertly, they kept me aware of everything, and it goes without saying the ruling was everything I felt I deserved. I certainly do not want to make needing a lawyer a habit, but if the need arises, I know who to immediately turn to, and that is Gordon & Partners, every single time. If you're reading this you're in the right place, ask for Mike Hoffman.

I am a Veteran who has been trying to navigate the claims process for over a decade alone, until I decided to speak with one of Gordon & Partners attorneys by the name of Michael Hoffman. Mr. Hoffman has been amazing! He has talked me through the process, told me what documentation I need to collect, and given me his opinion on how me should move forward. Mr. Hoffman and his associates have been extremely responsive and helpful, even during the COVID-19 shutdown. My experience has been so great I have referred Mr. Hoffman to a few other veterans that I know who have been having the same issues as I have with the VA.

I am very thankful that Gordon&Partners got me 100% disability from the V.A.They only wonted to give me 40%.Amanda Dominick did a wonderful job. I would recommend this Co. to any veteran that needs help filing for disability.I am also thankful to all the paralegals that help in my claim.I will use this law firm if I need legal help again.The psychiatrist Zachary Gleason was so easy to take to that two hours past be for I know it.So if you need help give them a call they can help.Thank you again.

EXCELENT people they help me all the way, took a little long but all is well Thank you

Dealing with the VA is always a nightmare. This team along with some of the most amazing paralegals closed out my claims with 100% T&P and special monthly compensation. That are also working with my dad on his claims as well as a lawsuit dealing with a dog attack. Amazing team! Highly recommend to anyone! Cory

It was a LONG 3 years BUT Gordon and Partners saw it through to the end and fought for my husbands rights! After being denied 2x for a chronic illness clearly directly related to his 10years of time in the Air Force, plenty of documentation to back this up. Gordon and Partners went to bat for this veteran and got him what he deserves. Recognition of fault. Marielena Montoya, Paralegal has patience of SAINT! At times my husband can't even get out of bed and go to work. I would call her pleading for an update and explain our situation. She was ALWAYS so kind, patient and helpful and did her best to answer our questions and soothe our anxieties. My husband is now able to lay his head on his pillow with ease knowing he had someone fight for him and get the recognition he deserves. AND we have the services available to get him all the help, health services and care he needs to be able to function. THANK YOU GORDON AND PARTNERS for your dedication to our veterans. God Bless you all.

right from the start, guys, there isn.t enought stars, on display to credit/do ms rana the job, that ms rana latimore , justy for the amazing job she did for my family, and i. for the did, i , from day one, until the very end compassion. gene rune care, and true concern for helping my-self, a veteran, whom, was under a lot stress to keep his family off the/ homeless. rana, got from day one, and phone call to her last, i neverleft, feeling like i was bother to her. she was always welling, and ready to go into great details on helping me , understand so i could, with great confidence, turn to my dear stress- out- wife, if i my add, have been by my side, ane-3 thur e9, battalion- command- sergeant- family has-been so bless to have rana working our ccase , 2nd to none beyond the call of duty, sacrifice, valor. honor, knowledgeable, professional , my limited comprehension , is limiting me from doing ms rana Litimore the real, complete justy, she deserve she was simply, on a scare of 1-2 100, i give her, a 200. life changing first class attitude, i have,never in my twenty- four plus yearsin the Uite- State.s Army, and farmer busness, owner. witness some- over such long period. display such gene rune, care, and commitment to helping som-one, as she did. i can, tput it in words. the compassion, care,etc, she constantly family, and i areso grateful /blessand honorto have had ms latimore. word our file/ case. it get no better then what she did, note, when i am able to traveler, and establish. i would love to just come, and give her a Texas size hug. am shame that i am unab;e to do her the rusty in this review, that she have done for my family and i, yes i still have the pains, scares etc, but thanks to ms rana latimore. our , future, my family, has a better out look, just to be clear, we are way be young, please with the job ms latimore did for us. i pray, that many more veterans have the Honor of her sever ices, for sure, ever-one i come across in need of veteran help. i will with-out hesitation, have be calling her. i know i am, starting to repeat here, in closing if you have any questions for my-self, call me any-day or time. twenty-four seven, and that is an invention i have never given period she was ome- one the V-A- veteran affires could learn a true lessen from on how to help veterans, by the way i hate to write. god bless her, and her family. Duty!, Honor!, Country!. Yahoo!, much- Appreciated- from god.s Country- Texas, Solder, for life. Battalion Command- Sargent- Major Retired- united-States- Army ADA, Lemorris grover. Thank-You.

Steve is a terrific guy that is on your side. Knows what he's after and he will get it for ya. The whole staff involved go out of their way for you and does what needs to be done with a winning result.

Gordan and Partners has literally changed my life. Their hard work and tenacity has given me a little bit of comfort through all the pain and suffering I've been and I'm going through. They employees are top notch. My lawyer, Adam was fine but his paralegal, Anetia, was amazing. She did graceful backflips to help me win my case and always with a smile. Even when she had to call me 5 times to get the same paperwork from me that she had called 4 times before to get. I am thankful for Adam and Anetia and would recommend them to anyone.

I turned to Gordon & Partners afters years of failed attempts on my claim with the VA. Once on board Michael Hoffman reviewed my case file and immediately formulated a plan and in concert we worked through all the snares and pitfalls the VA throws out at deserving veterans. Paralegal Rana Lattimore was always on point with updates and keeping all new evidence and medical results forwarded to the VA for an expedited closure. Rana was also so reassuring whenever I became frustrated with the VA'S dragging their feet. I've already referred Gordon & Partners to 2 other individuals. I truly believe Gordon & Partners care for the wounded and will fight just as hard as we as Veterans fought during our time serving our great Country.

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Was told my case would take about a year to process, but moved along quickly and I am very satisfied with the results! I would recommend them to anyone who wants dependable representation and honest responses!

From the outset I met a paralegal...Yolanda who was quite professional , informative, helpful and understanding. I had had a terrible car accident and from the moment I contacted G & Partners she was assigned and throughout the experience ..I found her to be reliable , trustworthy understanding and considerate. I would suggest that should anyone be in a similar accident (or others branches of law which they offer ) that they first call G & Partners. They will treat you with respect and aggressively pursue your case . They Will respond in a timely manner, answer all questions, and inform you of everything happening with your case. Regarding my case I only met Yolanda and no doubt ... paralegals like her have undoubtedly contributed to the success of this law firm. Thank you Yolanda!!

I am writing this letter of thanks and show appreciation to my Lawyer Michael Hoffman and his staff Marielena Montoya for the wonderful job they accomplished with my Veterans Disability Benefits case. I want to give them the recognition that they earned and deserve! They kept me up to date on everything involving my case. They were very compassionate and caring! I tried going up against the VA on my own, and it was very frustrating! Michael and his staff are honest, trustworthy and very straight forward. In unvarnished truth he will tell you exactly where you stand and what direction you should go. He has tenacity coupled with a degree of tenderness and have the best outcome for his client. I would highly recommend Michael to anyone seeking legal representation against the VA.

I was in a bad car accident in February. Gordon and Partners was the first place i called and it was worth it. The entire staff was always helpful and working hard on my case. 100% recommend

Glad I was able to get a settlement without going to trial.

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Gorden and partners have stood by me with my flood disaster yes it took a while but they never gave up Ms Lynn has the patience of a saint if I ever have a legal problem I know where I'm going thank you

Annabelle has provided an excellent services and put her excellent knowledge of accident cases on full display, She is a real professional, and she made all legal matters the walk in the park for us.

i Have retained the firm since 2008 and and prevailed two times. They are responsive, thorough, attentive, and follow up. They are sensitive to the issues and understand the complexities of dealing with a behemoth like the federal government but not get sideways with them. I have referred two separate friends and expect the same results. From the senior partners to the para legals and the secretaries it is a formidable champion for your case.

My husband and I were extremely impressed by the professionalism and expertise of this firm. We dealt with the paralegal, Annabelle Thompson, the entire time our case was in process and she was amazing. She couldn't have been more informative and responsive. She was patient with all of our questions, very kind and understanding, and was always on top of things. By the end, we felt like we knew her well! She and Trevor Gordon were able to obtain a settlement for us that was beyond what was expected and we are very grateful. We would highly recommend this firm to anyone seeking legal advice in their areas of expertise.

I can't say enough good things about Gordon & Partners. I was involved in a horrible car crash and they went above and beyond representing my case. They were always available to answer my questions and fight relentlessly to provide justice for me. I am beyond satisfied with the results of my worker's compensation and personal injury cases. Many thanks to Bob, Scott, Adam, Melissa and Erika. If you need legal representation, call Gordon & Partners.

Working with Trevor Gordon and his paralegal Cinthia Vargas was a pleasure. There was never a email unanswered or a phone call not returned. My 13 year old son who was involved in the accident suffers from disabilities and Trevor went far and beyond during his deposition to make sure he was comfortable and not overwhelmed during the process. Both are amazing professionals and would recommend them to anyone!!

We unfortunately had to contact them when my husband was run over by a car while On his bicycle. Our attorney Dan Williams and his paralegal Stephanie Price were absolutely god sent. They took our case immediately and walked us through every step. They were not only compassionate but diligent and really stayed on top of everything . We never had to move a finger. Even after the case was closed, they were always available to answer any questions we had. We absolutely and without hesitation, recommend them to anyone looking for competent accident attorneys. You will not be disappointed!

Working with Gordon & Partners was a great experience! They made the process so easy during such a stressful time. Thank you Gordon & Partners!

I’ve gotten a good service in my case. Adriana has helped me a lot with all questions. She is always there if you have any concerns you can call her any time. Good service

I cannot say enough about Mark Hanson, Maureen Weschrek and Katie Dorcas in the handling of my lawsuit from a traumatic car accident. They were there on the phone, in person or e-mail at all times. They were thorough and gave my husband and I the assurance that we would be compensated for the injuries we sustained. Hopefully I will never need their services again but would certainly recommend to anyone who does.

The Best Yet!!! All calls were answered in a timely manner, Tina explained each step all the way til the ending process. Tina is absolutely Amazing.. 👍Thanks Tina

My husband has had a case pending with the VA for 10 years, we finally decided to give his case to Gordon & Partners to avoid the run around we got and the denials. Four years later the case was settled and my husband got his compensation for his medical problems (war related) and his injuries. Thank you Gordon and Partners, your attorney Amy was very well versed and knowledgeable.. Mary Anne & Thomas Harris

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Michael Hoffman and his team are wonderful. He was extremely compassionate when I was going through a very dark period in my life and took the time to listen. As a veteran himself, he understands the needs of other vets and works to help them achieve their goals. The staff that assisted him were also extremely friendly and courteous when I needed any information and would respond very quickly. I HIGHLY recommend this law firm for anyone needing assistance.

I had the best experience with Gorda and partners team and Anisha help me so much they have been so much they all work together has a team they go through each process with dedication they love where they do and I'm so happy that I had them to help me with my process if anyone is looking for a lawyer call Gorda and partners the best 100% thanks to all the team and thanks to Anisha

These guys were the ultimate professionals. They exceeded my expectations in every step of the process. Mark Hanson is a terrific lawyer.

The staff has been and are still providing great work. They are friendly and know what they are doing. I greatly appreciate the work they are providing for me and I have sent a few other VETERANS their way.

They did a great job in helping me get everything I needed from the VA they worked tirelessly for three years to make sure I receive my benefits mrs Rena Lattimore l has been excellent she’s been in constant contact with me by phone and by email I highly recommend this fine group of folks to any veteran that needs help in fighting the va for claims or getting those benefits great job

Mr Hoffman and the VA team did a great job, the outcome was more than expected. If you are looking for team that will get you what you deserve they are here. This is the most trusted law firm I’ve ever dealt with, communication was great , Thank You Rana, Mike and the Team Joe

Mike Hoffman and his staff worked on my VA disability claim. Mike was able to help me increase my 40% service connection to 100%! We filed in April and by June we had a decision. My family is grateful for the assistance your firm has given us. Mike being a dis”able”d Veteran himself, he took the lead and knows the confusing VA system inside and out. I thank God everyday for choosing a private attorney to handle my case. James USMC Veteran

Working with Michael was a pleasure. He takes the case personal and works as if it were for him. He is very honest helpful and works extremely hard for you. He will fight to get you your best rating that you deserve as a disabled veteran. If you are fighting to get the rating you deserve call Gordon and Partner and they will be honest and help you get it.

Michael Hoffman has proven to be a great attorney for representing veterans. Mr. Hoffman as a wealth of knowledge regarding veterans issues and he fights unceasingly to make sure if they get all the benefits that they are entitled to receive. In doing so he provides an invaluable service to the veteran community and we as veterans are deeply indebted to him for his services he has provided to our community.

I have been working with Michael Hoffman and Melinda Cary for about four months now to receive a favorable decision by the VA and have nothing but positive experiences with them. Melinda is a veteran and understands first hand the difficulties many veterans have when dealing with the VA. The process has been so much smoother than previous experiences that I have had with the VA. Instead of relying on opinions from appointed medical professionals like the VA would like, Gordon & Partners, P.A. sought the expert opinion of highly admired experts in their fields of medicine. Melinda and Michael were with me every step of the process and were available at all times of the day to answer any questions that I had. I have had the pleasure of referring friends to their services and will continue to do so for as long as they are around.

I still have a case pending. However, my experience with this firm has been very good thus far. I highly recommend Michael Hoffman. He has proven to be an honest, informative, and caring lawyer, who will provide useful options for legal matters within his reach.

Michael Hoffman and his team were more than help full in obtaining a very favorable outcome with the Veterans Administration. The knowledge of how things work with the Government bureaucracy was very important and imperative when dealing with the Veterans Administration . In fact I had representation with another law firm who never advanced my file and did absolutely nothing for three years. I recommend to all veterans I meet to sit down or at least call Michal for. Free case review. My Wife and I thank all at Gordon And Partners and especially Michael for a job well done👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 Thanks Michael & Mary

First let me start off by stating that this is a phenomenal law firm. I have had the pleasure of being assisted by Michael Hoffman for various legal needs. His professionalism, customer service, integrity, caring and passion are second to none. He always keeps me well informed throughout every process and always gives it to me straight. He truly is the only Lawyer that I will ever go to for any legal needs I may have.

Michael Hoffman has been amazing. As a fellow veteran, he understands me and my situation and treats me with the utmost respect. I’ve really appreciated his open communication and the way he explains things to me. I absolutely recommend he and his firm to friends, family, or anyone who has a need. This is a firm and a lawyer who genuinely care and want to do what’s right. Rana was amazingly patient with me as she reviewed the process and has been so helpful through my entire situation. People like she and Michael are very valuable employees!

I would like to share my experience with Gordon&Partners. I had signed on to the VA hoping to get some assistance with PTSD and other problems. The VSOP was very nice but once he sent out my claim , nothing ever happened. My brother suggested that I get in touch with a lawyer he knew who handled VAClaims. Mike Hoffman was my representative and he and his staff went to work. Nothing promised but gave me hope something could be done. All I can say is they are amazing. Nice people to deal with and people who understood what I was going through. Between Mike and his staff, they went to work for me and all I can really say to them is THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. Always there to help. I would recommend any one who needs help to contact them and let them take things on from there. Bless all who helped. John Bender

I was struggling through the VA disability system trying to get the benefits I deserve, when I finally had enough and decided to get help from a professional. Someone who really knows the system and knows exactly how to handle all the hiccups I encountered along the way. Luckily, Michael Hoffman was assigned to my case. It wasn't ever a painless process, but he made it just about as painless as it could be. When my case was finally over, I felt a HUGE weight lifted off my shoulders. Mr. Hoffman was extremely knowledgeable, friendly, patient, and kind thru ought the entire process. I could not have asked for better representation on my VA disability case. I have too many good things to say about this man. I just hope others are lucky enough to find him, so he can help them too!

Gordon & Partner Best law firm in West Palm Beach FL. Just want to thank Workers comp attorney Mr Adam Weiner, workers comp paralegal Miss Jenifer Diaz, workers comp paralegal Linda, Miss Anetia from the social security disability Dept and all the rest of staff just want to say thank you all for your help winning and working with me through out my workers comp case,it was speedy and it was a great out come. I was treated with great respect and love.they took the time out to Walk me through everything that they were doing and also return my calls and emails very quickly.i would recommend Gordon & partner to everyone. I felt like family and even after my settlement they followed up with me to find out how I was doing and I really appreciate that about them. The best workers comp attorney ever Mr Adam Weiner he's a great asset to Gordon & partner he really goes over and beyond to make sure I get every dime that was due to me for my settlement.i love you all may Almighty God bless and keep you all and continue to keep up that good work,also continue to take care of others the say way you all took care of me.♥️♥️ from sylvia and family.

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FROM :Barry A Beavers I am a 60 yr old VET , and have not been able to work for a very long time , and after the two hurricanes in 2004 [ I was in air-conditioning sales ] which physically and mentally really did me in , and after two years of overwhelming stress on mind and body I found myself no longer able to do my job . so over the years I got worse had many , many , many nervous brake downs , suffered from chronic lower back pains , polynurophy [ nerve damage to legs ] , and many , many , many trips to hospital's and treatment facilities over the years . and it is by GOD , HOPE, HELP AND SUPPORT , THAT I AM ALIVE I found Gordon and Partner as my attorneys . I had filed several times in the past , had my VA MED records and even with that I was denied over and over again so I am telling you ,YOU CANNOT DO THIS ALONE my case involved over 8,000 pages from psychiatrist ,psychologist , neurologist and primary health care providers and it would have been impossible for me to have navigated thru all this without them and my paralegal ANEATIA god bless err , and my attorney Amy who did a awesome job representing me .to end my story I was found to have been disabled since December 1st 2008 and was awarded on April 10 2019 Barry A Beavers USN NAM ERA VET

Katie was amazing and did such a wonderful job with the insurance company and negotiating the hospital to get my medical bills down. The process wasn’t dragged out and was quick and painless. Can’t say the same thing about my injury. So glad this is finally over and can make those medical bills go away. I would definitely recommend calling them to take care of your case then handling it yourself.

Gordon and Partners is a top notch law firm. The care, dedication and professionalism is unsurpassed. Scott Fisher was undeniably dedicated to bringing justice for my family. He spent countless hours in preparation for our trial. His assistant Mellisa is a remarkable asset to the firm also. Bob Gordan was at trial everyday and provide support to me and my family. I would recond this firm to anyone who has a tragedy, they will provide you the best litigation possible

Mark, along with his team, Maureen and Katie did a wonderful job in helping me with my personal injury that took place on a cruise ship. Because this needed a maritime attorney, I found this firm and the issue was settled in an appropriate amount of time, and I am happy with their caring and help in getting it settled quickly. Thanks to all.

My attorney was tough but very fair, what more could a client ask for? My pari-legal was extremely knowledgeable, patient and understanding. Once again what more could a client expect? I would be happy to use their services again and would highly recommend Gordon and Partners.

I spent many hours discussing my case with my attorney, Doug Morris. He is so very knowledgeable and I appreciate his expertise. He listened to me, consoled me and counseled me through some very hard times. He is kind, empathetic and extremely intelligent of the law. I will always remember all he has done for me and my family and can highly recommend him to all looking for a conscientious, experienced attorney.

Gordon & Partners treated me very well with a lot of respect and care. Miss Leslie Cooper got my case settled quickly. I recommend them to everyone

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Douglas Morris did an outstanding job representing me in a medical malpractice case. He and his staff kept me informed throughout the process, and his advice was thoughtful and centered on my needs not the firms. The result was a stress-free settlement that I'm very pleased with. A great job start to finish.

I had a great experience. They were very responsive and sympathetic throughout the whole process. I highly recommend them. Mark was great to deal with.

I love Gordon and Donor. Great customer service. Yolando McGee was awesome with taking care of me. Also in a timely manner. She understood my needs and wants. Very friendly and helpful person. I would definitely recommend them. And Yolanda for excellence customer service

My attorney was nothing short of OUTSTANDING!!!! Jennifer worked so hard and was understanding and very informative. She made me feel like she was part of my family not a lawyer. I would recommend her To everyone I know and family without hesitation.

Very professional and got the job done !!! They will work to get the most for you and make you a satisfied customer

Awesome personal attorneys with a get it done no matter what attitude! Great overall job from the Martin county office i.e Ana & Josh...

They were great and prompt however I had to cancel our contract within 24 hours because were I am from out of state I felt more secure with a family friend attorney.

They did a awesome job! I would most definitely hire them again🤗🤗🤗

I've been a client for over a year mainly dealing with Josh Heller in Stuart. He and the staff in Stuart have been great and just wanted to say how thankful I am for their help.

Jennifer Lipinski did a truly amazing job on my car accident case. She always kept me informed and the outcome was more then I excepted. Patti and the rest of the staff were the best.


What a wonderful company, these folks really want what's best for you. I would like to say if you need a caring representative for anything call the best, and forget the rest.

Attorney Scott Fischer represented me in a wrongful death case. He made the process as painless as possible and settlement exceeded my expectations.

My experience was mainly with Emily Slater. Emily is a very efficient paralegal. She was always there for me and very professional. I also enjoyed meeting and working with Bob Gordon. Overall my experience was excellent.

Kelly Lunsford worked very hard on my behalf. Kelly is a paralegal with incredible knowledge, follow up and caring. Special Thank you to Kelly and the entire team!

Sam, Trevor, and Annabelle those are the true name of true superheroes. My case was stress-free they handle my rental they handle the appointment and setting me and mom up with a chiropractor. I cannot thank them enough for their services.

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All was good. Though it was a long process, I am very satisfied.

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My wife and I were hit by a young driver. His insurance company tried to put us at part fault when it clearly was this driver that was the one at 100% fault. When the adjuster wouldn’t budge on his decision, we decided to use Gordon and Donor. What a great experience it was! My wife and I are quite impressed by their professionalism and knowledge as well as experience. They made it easy for us and got the adjuster to change his mind before we took him to court. We will refer them out with confindence.

Emily is great I am sure u look at her as a valued employee I am lucky to have gotten here to handle things and i am sure u have many valued employees thanks again happy holidays

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I had a very successful career negotiating contracts for over 600,000 employees across the United States. However when I needed legal representation for myself I chose the firm of Gordon & Donor. What a GREAT decision that was. Starting with Adam W. & Erika T. who handled my W/C case to Jennifer L. & Patti N. who handled my U/M case and now Peter V.K. and Cherish H. working on my PIP case. You all work GREAT together as a TEAM. I am OVERWHELMED with everything they have been able to accomplish on my behalf. I can not express my gratitude enough. Great communication, compassion and understanding of their clients' needs. Thanks again for everything. Mark H.

Es un equipo muy bien preparado tienen el mejor bufet de abogados excelente atención a todos los clientes trabajan muy bien con la comunidad de ispanos gracias por sus servicios

Excellent and knowledgable, a pleasure to work with. When my options ran out, they were right there to make sure I got enough to cover my medical expenses.

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You Guys did a excellent job awesome

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When your in an accident your whole life comes to a complete stop and you feel lost and confused. Alana Weatherstone and Lauren Kalpakian are two of the best people I have ever met. Alana and Lauren never treated me as a case number or a name on a file. Alana and Lauren care about you as a person and the people affected. These women always answered my questions or concerns no matter what time of day and were always a pleasure to speak with. Alana and Lauren will fight for you 110% everyday.. I call these ladies my pittbulls because they are stronger and relentless and will not stop until the right thing is done. Alana and Lauren thank you for everything.

Gordon & Donor as an experienced person with so many accidental issues, unquestionably the BEST & most important their staff is always there for you. Knowledgeable, understanding, really do their homework. I've learned that the homework & being prepared is a treasure ......proof is in the hands of your lawyers. They are AWESOME!

Mr. Scott M. Fischer & Staff, thank you so much for your impressive quality of work. Not only were you personable, you exceeded our expectations of what we thought would happen. I've suffered tremendously & you have eased some of the pain inflicted upon my family & I. We can't thank you enough for you & your staff on a job well done. GOD Bless you all. - Vernice & Family

The staff was knowledgeable, friendly, and always replied promptly to any of my calls. I even received an immediate reply to an email I sent at 1:30am from one of the staff! I would definitely recommend them! The time they spent on my case was clear with the amount of detail they were able to apply when we finally went to trial. Thank you to my dream team: Sarah Covington, Dan Williams, David Knight, and Chris Calamusa! I can't say enough good things about them... Mr Gordon, if you're reading, please give them all a bonus! ;)

Adam is a wonderful attorney. He staff is caring and professional. If you need someone who you can trust to get the job done, This is the law firm to go to..

I am disabled and when I got injured in the auto accident I wasn't sure how you would be able to help me because of prior injuries. I was very surprised when you were able to help me Solve my dilemma by giving me excellent advice and service. I would trust you again to help me and happy to recommend you as well. Thank you for being there. Zinnia A.

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I was honored to be represented by Doug Morris and Deborah. They are a very hard working and very respectful team. I am very thankful for all they have done. I could not have wanted a stronger and more knowledgable attorney. They are very experienced and have much strength in what they do

After my accident, I didn't know what to do. A friend referred me to Dan. He took care of all my legal issues so I could focus on getting better. He always returned my calls the same day. At first, the insurance company offered next to nothing for my injuries. So we filed suit. The case settled and I am happy with the result. Thank you Dan!

Great people who care about their clients long term health and well-being! Always a pleasure to work with.

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