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Many families rely on a nursing home to provide needed care for their loved ones. Unfortunately, all too often, these facilities neglect to provide adequate care, abuse your loved one or simply fail in their duties and responsibilities.

If your loved one has been mistreated under the care of a nursing home or assisted living facility, our Palm Beach Gardens nursing home abuse attorneys are here to help. We are committed to fighting for the rights of society’s most vulnerable.

We can help you fight for justice and fair compensation for their suffering or, in the worst cases, death of your elderly loved one. Schedule a free, no obligation consultation today to review your claim.

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Types of Neglect and Abuse in South Florida

South Florida is home to a large population of elderly people who reside in nursing homes, assisted living facilities and other long-term care facilities. Unfortunately, abuse and neglect run rampant throughout many of these homes.

As our Palm Beach Gardens nursing home abuse attorneys have seen on countless occasions, abuse can take many forms. It can be an intentional action that causes physical or emotional harm to a patient, or it can be neglect in providing for an elder’s basic needs. Some of the most common types of abuse include:

Physical abuse

Such as hitting, slapping, punching, shoving or using excessive force to restrain a patient.

Emotional abuse

Including yelling, shaming, ridiculing, manipulating, verbally threatening, intimidating or isolating an elderly person.

Financial abuse

Which can include physically stealing money or credit cards from a patient, tricking them into signing away their power of attorney, or pressuring them into signing over valuable financial information or assets.


Which includes failing to provide appropriate physical, medical or emotional care.

Sexual abuse

Which occurs when an employee, visitor or another resident engages in a sexual act with an elder without their consent.

Medication errors

Such as providing the wrong dosage, the wrong medication or failing to take into account a patient’s allergies or how a medication will react to other prescriptions a patient is taking.

All of these situations can leave lasting physical and emotional scars on a resident. If you suspect that your loved one has suffered from any form of abuse or neglect, do not hesitate to contact our Palm Beach Gardens nursing home abuse attorneys to discuss your legal options.

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Know the Warning Signs

Abuse is often difficult to identify, as facilities and staff will do their best to cover up any wrongdoing. It is important that families regularly visit their loved ones and vigilantly look for any warning signs of abuse.

Abuse and neglect warning signs include:

  • Unexplained scratches or bruises
  • Changes in your loved one’s behavior and mood
  • Malnutrition and dehydration
  • Rapid weight loss
  • Bedsores
  • Falls that lead to broken bones or other injuries
  • Serious infections
  • Wrongful death
  • Unsanitary living conditions

If you notice any of these signs, seek help for your loved one right away and then contact our Palm Beach Gardens nursing home abuse attorneys. We can help you hold a negligent facility accountable and recover the compensation your loved one deserves for their suffering.

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How Our Palm Beach Gardens Nursing Home Abuse Attorneys Can Help

Abuses like those described above almost always occur as a result of negligence on behalf of the nursing home or assisted living facility. These homes have an obligation to provide a safe environment for residents. When they fail to do this, they should be held liable.

Some common situations in which a nursing home can be held liable for injuries to a resident include:

  • Poor hiring practices, in which a facility hires staff who do not pass a background check or do not have the appropriate education, training or certifications for their position
  • Understaffing leads to nurses who do not have enough time to provide each patient with adequate care and attention; medical mistakes and other serious injuries and death happen in these situations
  • Inadequate training on behalf of the facility can lead to serious medical errors and injuries

A facility may also be held liable for any form of abuse by a third party, such as a visitor or another resident.

If you are aware of any of these situations that have led to injuries or the death of your loved one, you may have grounds to file an elder abuse lawsuit.

The Palm Beach Gardens nursing home abuse attorneys at Gordon & Partners have decades of experience fighting for the rights of the elderly. We will thoroughly investigate your claim in order to determine exactly what happened, who should be held liable and how we can best recover fair compensation for your loved one’s injuries or death. We will work directly with the home and their insurance company so that you do not have to.

As experienced negotiators, our Palm Beach Gardens personal injury lawyers will work diligently and quickly to reach a settlement with the insurance company. If they are unwilling to provide fair compensation, we are not afraid to take the case to court to get you what your loved one deserves.

Learn more about how our Palm Beach Gardens nursing home abuse attorneys can help your loved one.

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There is nothing more devastating than receiving news that your loved one has been injured or killed because of abuse or negligence in an assisted living facility that you entrusted with their care.

We understand how this feels, which is why our Palm Beach Gardens nursing home abuse attorneys are committed to defending the rights of the elderly throughout South Florida.

If your loved one has been mistreated in a nursing home, they deserve justice. Contact us today for a 100 percent free case review. We work on a contingency fee basis and do not get paid anything unless a recovery is made on your behalf.

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