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Product Liability Questions

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When an ordinary product is not manufactured or designed properly, defects can lead to serious injuries. If you were hurt by a defective product, you may have product liability questions in regard to your legal rights.

At Gordon & Partners, we can provide answers to product liability FAQs so that injury victims can learn more about their legal rights. If you still have questions after reading over this section, contact our law firm. We offer free legal consultations and can help you determine if you may be eligible to file a product liability claim.

Product liability refers to a designer, manufacturer or seller being held liable for a product defect that causes, or caused, injuries to consumers who purchased and used the product. Companies may be held responsible for compensating consumers for property damage, injuries, lost wages and more.

A product’s design, manufacturing process and product labeling will have to be reviewed along with industry and governmental standards. It must also be clearly proven that the injuries were caused as a direct result of product use. Proving liability can be difficult for one person, which is why it is important to contact a product liability attorney to discuss your claim.

A lawyer can help build a robust case by consulting with experts, reviewing medical records, obtaining witness statements and reviewing product design and manufacturing guidelines. Our experienced attorneys can answer all your product liability questions so that you can rest assured your legal rights are being protected.

A claim must be brought forward within two years of when the accident occurred, regardless of the age of the product. In some vehicle product cases, the defect was not made public until years after the vehicle was released. Unfortunately, companies will put profits over people, which means they may know about the defect, but fail to warn consumers about the risks.

Even if you suffered minor injuries, you may not be the only one who was injured as a result of the product. Your decision to pursue a claim may cause others to come forward or influence the product manufacturer to fix the defect and prevent others from being injured. If it is revealed that dozens of people have suffered similar injuries as a result of the same product, you may be entitled to file or join a class action lawsuit.

Yes. A product liability claim may be brought forward as a design defect, manufacturing defect or marketing defect. A defect may occur during the design or manufacturing stages. A marketing defect is a flaw within the instructions of labeling of the product.

Yes. A claim may be brought forward if the product manufacturer failed to warn consumers about the risks in using the product. Misrepresentation of what a product may be used for can also be cause for a product defect claim.

We understand that many victims may not file a claim because they cannot afford an attorney. However, our lawyers work on a contingency fee basis and will not charge you unless we obtain a successful verdict or settlement.

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