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As safe as you intend to be on the road, you can’t control what others do. Unfortunately, a drunk driver could ruin your travels and cause life-altering consequences. 

The good news is you can hold that individual responsible if you take appropriate steps. Find out how a drunk driving accident lawyer from our team at Gordon & Partners assists you in pursuing justice after one of these incidents.

The Long-Lasting Impacts of Drunk Driving Accidents

The first recorded drunk driving accident happened all the way back in 1897. Sadly, such irresponsibility continues to affect people today.

It’s no secret that alcohol impairs one’s functions. Still, because automobile travel is so common now, some drivers underestimate the impact that even just a drink or two can have on the ability to operate a vehicle. That’s why the United States averages one person dying from an alcohol-related crash every 39 minutes, according to the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration.

Even if an innocent party survives the accident, the emotional and economic costs are considerable. Survivors often have to pay for treatments for ailments, including traumatic brain injury, back pain, spinal cord injury, herniated discs, organ damage and burns. The NHTSA studied this and discovered that the expense of motor vehicle crashes amounts to $1,035 for every person in the United States, a total of $340 billion

Regarding the emotional impacts, you might suffer from enduring trauma. Injuries could also change the type of work or recreation you can engage in, leading to a loss of enjoyment of life. Furthermore, a disfigurement or loss of a limb can lead to self-consciousness and depression. Worst of all is the death of someone you love.

Whether a drunk driver costs you your physical health, emotional well-being, property or the life of a loved one, you can fight to recover your losses.

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How a Drunk Driving Accident Lawyer Can Help You

After a drunk driving accident, you may feel like your world is upside-down. Most people already have schedules full of responsibilities, so adding the work of additional physical and mental health care can become overwhelming. Repairing and replacing your vehicle and goods also take time.

If you lost a loved one, you must deal with caring for the estate, as well as making burial and funeral arrangements. On top of all this, you must go through an involved claims or legal process to request the funds you deserve. 

Fortunately, Gordon & Partners stand up for the injured. We assume the load of the claims process, communicating with the insurance company for you. We ensure that your paperwork gets in on time and counteract any attempts by an insurance company to minimize your claim. 

If an insurer refuses to offer what you deserve, we’ll take them to court. On the off chance that they try an underhanded tactic to slow or reduce your claim, we’ll sue them for additional damages for acting in bad faith. With this support, you can focus on getting better and have the conviction that you’re presenting a strong case for your claim.

The Damages You Can Claim After a Drunk Driving Accident

There are three categories of damages you can claim in a drunk driving accident case.


Economic damages refer to all quantifiable expenses that the accident caused. You’ll have to present every invoice, bill and receipt to recover these damages for your medical treatments, property damage and lost wages. 

Future damages are also a part of this, so you also need documentation from your health care team about what long-range treatments you’ll need and their cost. Credible testimony about what wages you could have earned without your injuries is also essential.

Don’t forget related expenses, such as any transportation costs to your treatments. Home modifications for a disability are another item to recover.


The mental, emotional and psychological aftereffects that you endure are part of noneconomic damages. These are more challenging to calculate, but our lawyers find the best methodology for calculating what you should get for your pain and suffering as well.


Punitive damages don’t repay you for any losses, but they punish a driver who displayed extreme carelessness. While this is rare in personal injury cases, it can be slightly more common in drunk driving cases because gross negligence is more likely to have a role, especially if the person was in the course of employment or some official duty. As you discuss all the details with us, we can ascertain whether punitive damages apply to your claim.

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Other Parties That Could Be Liable for a Drunk Driving Accident

Of course, you will bring your claim against the drunk driver and that person’s insurance company. However, they may not be the only ones to blame for the collision. 

Anyone Who Violated Dram Shop Laws

Florida has “dram shop laws,” which govern selling or providing alcohol to someone who should not have it. Anyone who violates these statutes could bear some of the responsibility for the accident and owe you compensation.

One example is if an adult knowingly gives an underage driver alcohol. Likewise, a restaurant, club, bar or store that serves or sells alcohol to someone who is clearly suffering from impairment or a habitual addiction could be liable in your case.

Negligence From Other Parties

Furthermore, other factors can play a role in the accident or its severity. For example, poor road conditions that made the accident worse than it would have been can bring liability to the government agency that maintains the road. 

Likewise, a defective vehicle or part could have made your injuries worse or allowed the accident to happen. An example might be if an ignition interlock device malfunctioned and did not prevent a drunk driver from operating the vehicle.

Understanding these components is another reason it’s a good idea to review your case with an experienced law firm. Together, we’ll review all the elements that contributed to your injuries so you can get maximum compensation.

Why Gordon & Partners Is the Right Team To Handle Your Case

Dealing with a drunk driving accident is a sensitive situation, so not just any attorney will do. You need someone who knows what they are doing, has the resources to help and is compassionate and supportive. We can be that teammate for you with a support team ready to answer questions any time of day.

Gordon & Partners has over three decades of supporting injured Florida residents, and our attorneys bring over 200 years of combined legal experience. Alongside our lawyers is a competent group of assistants, paralegals and investigators to handle every necessary detail.

We’re not just about the law, either. We care about the community and perform outreach, teaming up with the Kids Cancer Foundation in our “Books to Heal” program. When you look to us for help, you’re more than a client. You’re our neighbor, and we commit to fighting for you.

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