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As an investor, you expect that your money is managed with care and attention in a way that suits your best interests. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, and the illegal actions of a corporation, financial advisor, broker or other entity could cause significant financial harm.

Because securities law is complex and requires a deep understanding of financial law, it is important to hire an attorney who is knowledgeable in this area. Our Palm Beach Gardens securities litigation attorneys have decades of experience in fighting financial corruption aimed at defrauding public investors. Our Palm Beach Gardens securities litigation attorneys will discuss your situation in a free consultation where we will review your claim and determine how your losses can be recovered.

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Types of Securities Fraud

Securities fraud is a deceptive practice where corporate insiders, such as investment advisors and stock brokers, provide misleading information to investors or fail to disclose material information that would affect an investor’s decision to buy or sell securities.

There are several ways that investors can be defrauded, some of which include:

  • Corporate fraud: This occurs when executives deliberately misrepresents the true value of the company’s worth and often embezzle money from the company’s funds.
  • Insider trading: Corporate insiders may exchange information regarding company secrets and private knowledge of a company’s future stock options for personal gain or advantage on a trade.
  • Market manipulation: The deliberate attempt to interfere with the free and fair operations of the market to create false or misleading appearances which would inflate or deflate the price of a security.
  • Accountant Fraud: The intentional falsification of accountant records regarding sales, revenue, expenses and other factors for a profit. This could inflate a company’s stock value, obtain more financing from investors or create a way to avoid debt obligations.
  • Mutual Fund Fraud: When brokers violate their relationship with investors by placing their own interests ahead of their client’s. Brokers may also engage in churning, which pushes investment deals or excessive trades on their clients in order to increase the broker’s financial profits.
  • Ponzi scheme: A form of fraudulent investment in which an operator, individual or organization convinces investors to fund a non-existent enterprise in exchange for a quick return to the first investor by later investors.

Each act of securities fraud has the potentially to financially ruin investors who place their savings and trust in the hands of corporate insiders that have only their own self interests in mind. Our Palm Beach Gardens securities litigation attorneys will provide you with decades of experience fighting financial corruption.

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What Our Attorneys Can Do For You

Identifying an act of securities fraud can be extremely difficult and may take years to uncover the true depth of the false investment. In order to recover any finances lost in one of these fraudulent deals, it is imperative to have an experienced attorney.

The experience and dedication exhibited by our Palm Beach Garden securities litigation lawyers will help in every aspect of your lawsuit to ensure that you receive compensation for the loss you suffered. Our attorneys will provide you a high level of professional service in order to help recover your damages. This includes:

  • Conducting an independent investigation into the individual or corporation that defrauded you for any similar past instances to establish a pattern of dishonest and illegal behavior, which will be crucial to forming a case.
  • Filing any motions that could counter the defense’s strategy and weaken their case.
  • Consulting with financial and securities experts to use as expert witnesses that will be on your side to prove the defendant committed an act of fraud.
  • Researching the fraudulent incident to determine if any other securities crimes or violations were committed.
  • Interviewing any other parties involved in the fraud either as a fellow investors or third party individuals. If multiple investors were affected by the fraud, we may be able to form a class action lawsuit against the at-fault party.

We understand that any act of securities fraud sacrifices the victim’s financial well-being and recovery can be difficult. The Palm Beach Gardens securities litigation attorneys at Gordon & Partners are known for being dedicated to our clients’ best interests and serving them with the highest standard of legal professionalism.

Our Palm Beach Gardens securities litigation attorneys will dedicate the full resources of our legal team to help ensure that you are compensated for your loss.

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An act of securities fraud can have devastating effects on the victims involved. A company or financial broker who abuses the trust of their clients should be held accountable and brought to justice. At Gordon & Partners, we will fight for you against corrupt financial institutions that take advantage of unsuspecting investors.

If you have been a victim of securities fraud, do not hesitate to contact our Palm Beach Gardens securities litigation attorneys. Every consultation that we offer is free and is provided with no obligations. All of our qualified Palm Beach Gardens attorneys work on a contingency fee basis and will not charge you any legal fees unless you are awarded damages in your case.

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