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When companies produce dangerous products or fail to warn consumers about the risks of their products, they can be held liable for injuries and other damages suffered by consumers.

The Plantation product liability lawyers at Gordon & Partners know how to investigate these claims and build strong cases that give victims a good chance of obtaining fair compensation. Contact us today for a free legal consultation to find out what we can do for you. There is no obligation to pursue a claim, and if you do, you will not be billed for our services unless we are successful.

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Types of Product Defects

Product defects fall under two categories:

Manufacturing defects – These are caused by mistakes when the product was assembled at the factory. Manufacturers can be held liable for any defects caused by faulty construction, even if great care was taken during the manufacturing process. In order to prevail in this type of claim, you have to prove the defect existed when the product left the factory where it was made.

Design defects – These are flaws that existed in the original design of the product that caused it to create an unreasonable hazard for consumers. Manufacturers can be held accountable for these defects if any of these three criteria are met:

  • The design made the product unreasonably dangerous before it was even produced.
  • It was reasonable to assume the product design could cause harm to potential users.
  • It was economically feasible for the manufacturer to use a different design that would not alter the use of the product.

If you suffered injuries because of manufacturing or design defects, you may be able to file a lawsuit. Our Plantation product liability lawyers can evaluate your claim for free.

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Warnings About Dangerous Products

Manufacturers are legally obligated to warn consumers about the risks of their products. If products do not provide sufficient warning about foreseeable risks, various parties in the distribution chain could be held liable.

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) sets regulations regarding safety symbols and warnings on products. Regulations state that warnings should:

  • Disclose hazards to consumers
  • Specify the severity of the risks of the product
  • Tell the consumer how to avoid danger
  • Tell the consumer the effects of product hazards
  • Be highly visible and as close to the area of the hazard as possible

Failing to follow ANSI requirements about product warnings could result in companies being held liable for injuries to consumers. Our Plantation product liability lawyers can review your claim to determine if you have a case.

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Product Liability Cases

The Plantation product liability lawyers at Gordon & Partners will carefully review your claim to determine the type of liability that applies to your case. In product liability claims, there are generally three forms of liability:

Negligence – These claims center around a duty of care the defendant was obligated to fulfill. Duty of care obligates manufacturers to produce and sell safe products. If a company breaches the duty of care and this is the primary cause of a consumer’s injuries, the company could be held liable.

Strict liability – The legal standard in these cases is a little bit simpler than negligence. All your Plantation product liability lawyer has to prove is that a product defect caused a consumer to suffer injuries. Manufacturers could be held liable no matter how cautious they were in creating or distributing the product.

Breach of warranty – This includes breaches of written or advertised warnings about products and breaches of implied promises that the product will not cause harm if consumers use it as directed.

These are complex legal standards that are difficult to apply without the help of a seasoned Plantation product liability lawyer. That is why you should contact the experienced Plantation personal injury attorneys at Gordon & Partners.

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Consult Our Plantation Product Liability Lawyers Today

Our attorneys have seen the harm caused by dangerous products or products that did not sufficiently warn consumers about dangers.

That is why we are prepared to aggressively pursue compensation for victims of these products. Compensation in these cases could include:

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Pain
  • Suffering
  • Lost quality of life
  • Loss of companionship
  • Replacement cost for damaged property

These cases often settle out of court. However, if we are unable to obtain all of the compensation you deserve, we have the skill to take your case to trial to achieve justice. We know how to take on insurance companies and large corporations with large teams of lawyers.

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