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Denied Claims & Disputes: The Role of Our Plantation Insurance Lawyers

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When a policyholder submits a claim to their insurance company – such as a car accident claim, house fire damage claim or a personal injury claim – they expect the company to act in good faith and honor their claim’s validity. Yet, it is all too common for insurance companies to deny a seemingly legitimate claim, many times without a plausible reason or explanation.

Many policyholders fail to realize that insurance companies make a greater profit if they deny their policyholders the ability to collect on the claims they submit. For this reason, some insurance companies consistently deny claims – no matter how valid they may actually be. Oftentimes, these companies will not honor a claim unless the policyholder takes legal action.

At Gordon & Partners, our Plantation insurance lawyers have extensive experience helping clients recover compensation from claims that were unjustly denied. If you are in a dispute with your insurance company because your claim was denied or undervalued, contact us today for a free consultation.

The skilled Plantation insurance lawyers at Gordon & Partners have helped hundreds of clients win millions in successful verdicts and settlements, and we are ready to help you, too. We work on a contingency fee basis, which means all of our legal services are free unless we recover a financial award for you.

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Do I Have a Bad Faith Claim Against My Insurance Company?

Unfortunately, insurance companies often manipulate the language in their policies to make them vague, confusing and easy to misinterpret. This is done in an attempt to facilitate the companies’ main priority, which is to protect their cash reserves and avoid paying policyholders’ claims.

When an insurance provider denies or undervalues a claim, they often site the following reasons:

  • The insured individual has a policy that does not provide enough coverage for the specified claim
  • The policyholder failed to pay their insurance premiums on time, which resulted in a lapse of coverage
  • The injury or property damage falls outside the scope of coverage as defined by the policy

If an insurance company does not provide fair and unbiased service to a policyholder who has filed a claim, it has violated the implied contractual agreement to act in good faith. For this reason, many policyholders believe they can file a bad faith claim against their insurance provider if their claim has been denied. However, this is a common misconception, as it is often more likely that a policyholder can file a lawsuit against their insurer for unfair claim handling.

Unfair claim handling occurs when an insurance company tries to avoid paying for a valid claim, or if it reduces the amount of payout rightfully owed to a policyholder. Examples of unfair claims handling include:

  • Fraudulent reporting, documenting or accounting on behalf of the insurer
  • Intentionally misleading or deceiving a policyholder
  • Neglecting or refusing to fulfill a verified contractual obligation
  • Conscious wrongdoing that results in financial harm or loss to a policyholder

Because insurance claim disputes are complex, it is important to contact our Plantation law office to determine which type of lawsuit best fits your particular situation. Our Plantation insurance lawyers can help determine your best legal course of action to help ensure you are treated fairly and that you receive all monetary compensation owed to you.

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At Gordon & Partners, our attorneys are committed to helping clients settle a wide variety of insurance claim disputes. The following is a list of the most common types of insurance disputes handled by our Plantation insurance lawyers:

  • Homeowner property loss/stolen property
  • Unfair claim handling and bad faith
  • Disability insurance appeals
  • Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) claims
  • Business liability coverage
  • Personal insurance protection
  • Uninsured motorist claims
  • Car accident coverage
  • Medical bill denial
  • Life insurance claims
  • Natural disaster coverage, such as fire, hurricane or windstorm damage

While most states have adopted the Unfair Claim Settlement Practices Act to protect the rights of insured policyholders, it is still possible for insurance companies to deny claims or make claim payouts that are unjustly inadequate.

If you believe you are being treated unfairly by your insurance provider, please do not hesitate to contact the experienced Plantation insurance lawyers at Gordon & Partners today. We will use our knowledge and legal resources to fight diligently for your rights and help ensure you receive the justice and compensation you deserve. And as always, our legal services are 100 percent free, and we do get paid unless we secure a favorable verdict or settlement for you.

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