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tax audit documentsTax fraud is an intentional and deliberate effort to avoid paying taxes that are legally owed to the government. It can be committed by individuals, businesses, accounting firms, financial institutions and others.

If you have evidence of someone who has committed tax fraud, tax evasion or any other form of avoiding tax payments, our West Palm Beach tax fraud attorneys can help you report the person or entity and help you receive your full whistleblower reward.

Our attorneys have years of experience guiding whistleblowers through the reporting process and have a commitment to ensuring their rights are protected throughout the entire process. Schedule a free and confidential consultation today to discuss the merits of your claim.

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IRS Whistleblower Information

Similar to the False Claims Act, which rewards whistleblowers for reporting fraud, the Internal Revenue Services (IRS) has its own whistleblower program for those reporting tax violations.

The Tax Relief and Health Act of 2006 establishes certain provisions for whistleblowers who provide specific and credible information to the IRS about tax fraud.

The act provides two types of rewards to informants with tangible leads:

  • An informant can receive 15 to 30 percent of the amount the IRS collects in taxes, penalties and interest in cases that exceeds $2 million. If the case deals with an individual, his or her annual income must exceed $200,000.
  • If the dollar amount of the fraud does not exceed $2 million or the accused individual’s income does not exceed $200,000, the informant may receive a maximum of 15 percent up to $10 million of the revenue and penalties collected by the IRS.

Only informants whose information meets the requirements of the first instance are entitled to dispute the outcome of a claim. Our attorneys are familiar with the complexities of tax law and the Tax Relief and Health Act and can guide you through the entire process to ensure you receive what you are entitled to for your information.

All cases are submitted in complete confidence, and the IRS protects the identity of the informant to the fullest extent allowable by law. Once a case is submitted, the whistleblower may only be informed about the status of the claim, not the actions taken in the case.

To learn more about your rights as a whistleblower or to find out if you have a case, contact our West Palm Beach tax fraud attorneys for a free and confidential consultation. We provide individual attention to every claim and handle all cases with the highest level of professionalism.

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Types of Tax Fraud

Our West Palm Beach tax fraud attorneys have found that most cases of tax fraud are a result of misrepresenting or concealing income in order to pay a lower tax. Some other common types of tax fraud can include:

  • Failing to report or underreporting income
  • Falsifying deductions or overstating the size of a deduction
  • Overstating or falsely claiming a donation to a charity or nonprofit
  • Hiding or omitting assets
  • Underreporting the value of assets or an estate
  • Underreporting monetary profits or gains
  • Forging federal tax forms

The IRS requires individuals and corporations to report all income. Failure to do so results in tax fraud. Regardless of how income is generated, whether by legal or illegal means, it is still subject to a tax, and not reporting that income constitutes as tax fraud.

Multiple people can also be involved in a tax fraud scheme, often through a professional tax preparer or bad investment schemes.

No matter the scope or size, any tax law violations should be reported. Our West Palm Beach tax fraud attorneys can help whistleblowers confidentially file a qui tam lawsuit. With detailed knowledge of state and federal tax laws, we will review your claim to determine if you have a case before helping build a compelling case on your behalf.

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Contact Our West Palm Beach Tax Fraud Attorneys

Federal laws encourage citizens to report tax fraud and other types of government deception. Our West Palm Beach tax fraud attorneys will confidentially review the merits of your claim to determine if you have a case.

If you have specific and reliable information, we will help investigate your assertions in order to create a robust case. We will also work to ensure you receive the full percentage of the IRS’s recovery you are owed and that your rights are fully protected throughout the entire process.

Contact us for a free and confidential case review today. We work on a contingency fee basis and do not get paid unless your case is successful.

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