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Whistleblower Protection

About Deceptive Company Practices

Worried about reporting your employer’s fraud? Under the False Claims Act, the name of the whistleblower behind the lawsuit remains sealed while an initial investigation is conducted. The name of the whistleblower is revealed only if a court decides the case has merit and should proceed. That process takes a minimum of 60 days and can take more than a year. The business or person alleged to have committed the fraud will not be given the name of the whistleblower until the court unseals the case.

If a whistleblower is making a case against his or her employer, there is no guarantee the employee will not suspect or guess the identity of the whistleblower. But there are protections for the whistleblower provided by the federal law. If the court finds a whistleblower was fired, demoted or mistreated by his or her employer in retaliation, the employee is entitled to:

  • Reinstatement to their previous level of seniority;
  • Two times the amount of back pay owed, plus interest;
  • Compensation for special damages, such as attorneys’ fees.

The False Claims Act’s anti-retaliatory provisions also cover contractors and agents of the person or business accused of committing the fraud, who are not technically employees of that person or business.

Aware of Fraud? Contact our False Claims Act Lawyers

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If you are aware of tax fraud, corporate fraud or health care fraud, and feel you have a Qui Tam case, it is important not to make your claim public. Media coverage of the circumstances can negate your claim to a percentage of the money recovered by the government.

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