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United States veterans who served their country should receive the benefits they rightfully deserve. Unfortunately, many veterans have been denied disability benefits after suffering injuries and mental trauma while serving our country.

If you or someone you know has been denied veterans’ benefits, contact a Plantation veterans’ disability lawyer. Our team will review your case at no cost and determine if one of our attorneys can help you and your family.

You served our country, let us stand up for your rights.

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Denied Disability Claims

Applying for veterans’ benefits can be time-consuming and complex as it must be proven that the disability was caused by military service. Claims may be denied and then appealed, however, this must be done within one year and accompanied with a completed Notice of Disagreement.

The appeal must be filed with a local VA office. If the VA finds the denial valid, the claimant must submit more forms within 60 days of when the VA mailed the denial or within one year of the original decision. The appeals process is handled by the U.S Court of Appeals for Veterans claims. If the veteran is denied once more, they may file another appeal with the U.S Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit and ultimately it could go all the way to the Supreme Court.

The appeals process can be very difficult for veterans to handle as they continue waiting for much needed medical assistance. A Plantation veterans’ disability lawyer can help those who have been denied benefits or who wish to establish a higher disability rating.

Disability ratings are used to establish the extent of the physical and mental injuries a veteran sustained during service. Disability ratings range from 10 percent to 100 percent, which is when a veteran is considered completely disabled. Veterans with a disability rating of 30 percent or more may receive additional allowances for their dependents, including children, dependent parents and spouses.

An experienced Plantation veterans’ disability lawyer can help file an appeal and fight for the disability benefits you deserve. Our firm is committed to helping those in the armed forces, and we offer our services at no cost. You only pay us if we are able to obtain a favorable outcome on your behalf.

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Veterans Disability Eligibility

According to a 2010 National Survey of Veterans by the VA, one of the top reasons for not applying for benefits was not being aware of the benefits available. The same study noted that less than 60 percent of veterans understand the benefits available to them.

In order to qualify for benefits, there are three basic requirements:

  • Applicant must have a current medical condition
  • The medical condition occurred during service
  • The applicant’s disability must be related to their time in duty

The veteran must have proof of the medical diagnosis, proof of the development or aggravation of the disease or injury during service, and evidence of a connection between the injury or disease and their current disability.

Benefits for Survivors

The pain of losing a loved one due to a service-related injury or illness is immeasurable. Spouses, dependent children and dependent parents of deceased veterans may be entitled to the following survivor’s benefits.

  • Dependency and Indemnity Compensation
  • Survivor’s pension
  • Educational assistance
  • Home loans

Survivors may also be entitled to services such as educational and vocational counseling, civil service preference and fiduciary assistance.

If you have been denied survivor’s benefits, contact a Plantation veterans’ disability lawyer for help in appealing your claim. Our firm has handled hundreds of veterans’ benefits claims and can help you and your family obtain the compensation you deserve after this devastating loss.

Why Hire a Plantation Veterans’ Disability Lawyer?

There are a number of reasons why veterans may seek legal assistance when seeking disability benefits. Appealing a denied claim or a disability rating increase can be a complicated process. At Gordon & Partners, our Plantation veterans’ disability lawyers have been helping veterans obtain the benefits they need for decades.

Our experienced lawyers can help the claimant meet important deadlines, gather medical and service records, and avoid mistakes that could delay their claim. It could take months for a veteran to obtain the benefits they need, but our team of lawyers are there to guide them every step of the way.

If you need help with a veterans’ disability claim, take action today and contact the Plantation veterans’ disability lawyers at Gordon & Partners for a free case evaluation.

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