Insurance Coverage Checklist

hurricane evacuation route

Florida residents are no strangers to natural disasters. With the threat of serious storms stretching from April to November, most home owners and residents are well aware of the damage that these storms can unleash.

In fact, recent statistics released by the National Hurricane Center have revealed that some of the most recent hurricanes that passed through Florida caused BILLIONS of dollars in damage, with the lives of many innocent individuals being changed forever as a result.

While we all take the necessary precautions to protect our home from a hurricane, are you sure that you have prepared your business to weather the storm as well? The following checklist provides steps that both businesses and individuals should take to prepare for and respond to losses from a hurricane:

  • Locate, review and preserve your insurance policies in advance of the storm.

You may need to evacuate your home or will be denied access to your business after a hurricane, so consider storing copies of your policies digitally. If you do not already have a copy of your complete policy, contact your insurance company and request one be sent to you. Consider all possible insurance policies that may provide you with coverage for your loss, such as first-party policies, flood insurance, automobile policies and business interruption policies.

  • Prepare inventories and documentation for property in advance of the storm.

Take an inventory of the contents of your property, including real property, personal property, supplies and stock. Take photographs and record video of your property. This documentation will be extremely valuable in supporting your insurance claim.

  • Take appropriate steps to protect your business both before and after the storm.

Be proactive! Board up your windows before the storm hits. Following the storm, take steps to protect your property from further damage if you are able to do so. Costs that you incur to prevent or minimize damage to your home or business may be recoverable under your insurance policy; so keep very detailed records and receipts of these expenses.

  • Provide prompt notice of your loss.

If you experience property damage or loss, provide prompt written notice of your loss to your insurance company. Inform them of any immediate actions that must be taken; some insurers insist on viewing the damages before any permanent repairs are started.

  • Document any damaged or lost property and extra business expenses.

If your property sustains direct physical damage as a result of the hurricane, prepare a detailed inventory and take photographs and videotape, if possible. Keep records for all expenses incurred to protect or repair your home or business and for any additional or extra expenses.

In the event that your home or business is affected by a hurricane, the lawyers of Gordon & Partners are well equipped to assist you in addressing all coverage’s within your insurance policy. Regardless of whether your claim is related to property damage or to expenses due to business interruption, our skilled disaster relief attorneys are here to make sure that you are well represented and treated fairly by your insurance company. Don’t wait for disaster to be eminent before you prepare. Contact the lawyers at Gordon & Partners today at 1 (855) 722-2552.

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