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The United States sustains approximately 12,000 bus accident injuries each and every year, according to reports from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Breaking these statistics down would indicate that an estimated 33 people are injured in a bus traffic crash every day throughout the nation. Tour buses are a popular mode of transportation for those traveling in a large group, especially when traveling to multiple destinations. When a sizeable group of individuals are seeking to collaborate in transportation, tour bus travel is often the most convenient and efficient means to do so.

For the most part, choosing to travel by tour bus is a safe and secure method of moving a large group of people. Those who rent a tour bus expect to arrive to and from their various destinations safely. Tour bus travel often involves renting the vehicle for long periods of time. Many tour bus travelers choose to use this mode of transportation while traveling for months at a time, often across long distances into many states. As such, Florida residents trust that when a tour bus is rented that the company will provide a qualified driver and a well-functioning bus. Unfortunately, however, this is not always the case, as tour bus crashes occur each month in the state of Florida.

Gordon & Partners has seen firsthand the damages that many tour bus crashes inflict upon innocent passengers. When this tragedy occurs, it is imperative to hire a trustworthy professional legal team to help guide you throughout the litigation process. With our offices located in Palm Beach Gardens, Stuart, and Pembroke Pines, we are able to provide legal services to residents all across the state of Florida. If you or a loved one has been injured in a tour bus crash, our personal injury attorneys are prepared to take on your case today.

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Liability in Tour Bus Crashes

The ability to determine liability in tour bus crashes is far more complex and challenging than many Florida motorists would believe. There is a wide variety of companies and organizations typically involved in tour bus rental and therefore a wide range of parties to potentially blame in the event of a collision. Insurance companies and tour bus companies will work tirelessly in an attempt to get out of any payment. As such, hiring a skilled, experienced litigation team is essential to navigating a lawsuit involving a tour bus accident.

Tour bus contracts typically detail a number of different elements involved in traveling via rented buses. From length of time traveled to details about the tour bus driver, contracts generally outline a variety of factors that involve liability and the tour bus company’s role. The majority of tour bus companies will have strict guidelines and regulations regarding what type of behavior are allowed on the bus and what is expected of the passengers. Nevertheless, because tour bus crashes often involve some kind of driver error, it is essential for passengers to detail every aspect of the collision. The following outlines the most likely liable parties in the event of an accident.

The Tour Company

Tour companies are often responsible for drafting contracts and organizing the major aspects involved in tour bus travel .However, the tour bus company typically will contact an outside company for bus rental to use their vehicles as a part of their services in transportation. The tour bus company will usually plan all accommodations including scheduling, chosen destinations, and ant other specifics involved in the tour itself. As a result, it is the tour bus company’s responsibility to ensure that the bus, the driver, and every other factor involved is safe for the renters.

The Bus Company

Due to the fact that most tour companies do not own buses, outside bus companies are typically contacted for rental purposes. When the tour company is planning the trip, they will often rent a bus according to the traveling group’s specific requests and needs in relation to their travel plans. Those Florida residents renting a bus do so with the impression that the bus will function properly and that all maintenance is up-to-date. In addition, passengers expect for the bus company to supply a trained and qualified bus driver who has fulfilled all bus driver licensing requirements.

The Travel Group

The group of individuals traveling on the tour bus is often forced to sign a contract which outlines the specific type of behavior that is expected. Both the tour company and the bus company want to ensure that their property is being taken care of while the group is utilizing their services. Therefore, in the event that the behavior of the travel group plays a role in a collision, any or all of the group members may be held liable for damages.

Destinations Traveled

Some aspects of tour bus contracts involve the destinations where the bus will be traveling. In this regard, destinations may be contracted to provide some type of commissions or other financial incentives, depending upon the contract details. For example, in the event that a tour bus is to park in a particular location, the destination itself must provide a certain level of safety. If the location in which the bus is parked or navigating in has any contribution to the accident, they may be named as a defendant as well.

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