Truck Maintenance Information

In a report recently released by the American Trucking Association, it was noted that on average, most long-haul truck drivers will average between 100,000 to 110,000 miles each year. Collectively, Commercial Class 8 trucks drive approximately 128 BILLION miles each year, which is the equivalent of making more than 135,000 cross country trips every day.

With these startling figures in mind, it’s important that truck drivers look after their rigs to ensure that not only does their cargo reach it’s intended destination in a timely manner, but that the driver also gets there safely.

In fact, here in Florida, there were more than 210 fatalities that occurred in 2011, which involved a large truck or commercial vehicle.

If you or someone you love has been injured or killed in a truck accident, the victim or family of the deceased may be eligible to receive compensation for any damages incurred – including medical costs, rehabilitation, lost wages and other related expenses.

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Preventative Maintenance

Creating a preventative maintenance schedule for your rig is an important component to helping your truck stay in road worthy condition. While many used trucks that come from a reputable dealer will have some type of maintenance manual, quite often other used trucks may not have this type of servicing information readily available.

With this in mind, some important preventative maintenance tips can include:

  • checking engine oil regularly
  • checking brakes and brake rotors regularly
  • checking tire pressure regularly
  • checking tire tread for depth
  • checking tire sidewalls to ensure there are no sidewall tears or chafing
  • checking windshield wipers
  • checking power steering fluid and hydraulic lines for leaks
  • checking the vehicle coolant system for pressure and leaks
  • checking engine and HVAC belts and hoses
  • checking all hitch connections (incl. light and hydraulic fixtures)

Most operators will agree that by simply setting up a maintenance escrow savings account can help to ensure that you stay on track with the scheduled maintenance of your rig.

DOT Compliance

In most states, the Dept. of Transportation will have specific standards that most commercial vehicles will need to adhere to. In fact, DOT officials will often set up roadside check stations to ensure that these regulations are being met.

While the DOT checkups are often a short inspection by an authorized person, there are also annual truck inspections that are much more rigorous and require a comprehensive analysis of the safety of the vehicle. The details of these compliance regulations are generally covered in the safety regulations manuals that are required to be carried in the cabin of your truck.

Keep It Or Trade It?

During the average life-cycle of a commercial vehicle, there comes a point when the cost of maintaining an older truck is simply not economical, when compared to that of a new or newer vehicle. In many instances, when operators factor the resale value of their older rig, and combine that with the many incentives that manufacturers often provide, the associated costs of a new rig are simply more effective than keeping an older prime mover on the road.

Known as the Economic Breakeven Point (BEP), this figure is simply the result of comparing the costs of running your existing truck, to that of a new vehicle – with all factors taken into consideration. If you are unsure of this, a reputable accountant or business services provider can often help to draft this document for you.

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