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The United States Postal Service plays an important role in the day-to-day lives of almost every American. Responsible for delivering over 160 billion pieces of mail just this last year, USPS is an enormous company with a serious duty to safely and securely deliver mail. With such a large scope of duties, the United States Postal Service employs 551,570 people who use 213,881 USPS vehicles in 35,756 retail offices. Clearly, providing mail services to 953.7 billion customers is a large undertaking requiring a robust team and associated vehicles.

Sadly, USPS truck collisions occur much more often than many Florida residents believe. Due to the growing number of Florida residents depending on USPS to deliver their mail, the company must increase the number of employees, and thus, the number of USPS vehicles traveling along the roads and highways of Florida. As such, all Florida motorists must keep an eye out for these vehicles in order to avoid the dangerous repercussions of potential USPS truck collisions.

The U.S. Department of Transportation founded the Motor Vehicle Safety Program to help to regulate USPS truck collisions and promote safe travel. Sadly, there are still many innocent motorists involved in USPS crashes each day. If you or a loved one has suffered from any injuries following a USPS truck crash, you may be entitled to compensation for your losses. Gordon & Partners has spent years studying truck accident laws in Florida to provide unmatched legal services.

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USPS Facts

The United States Postal Service is certainly one of the most important organizations in today’s day-to-day living in America. Companies, individuals, and residents in every city in Florida depend on USPS to deliver their mail promptly and accurately, every single day. With such an enormous responsibility, USPS truck drivers are often given substantial pressure to make deadlines and travel to locations in a timely manner. To do so, these employees are highly-trained to develop the necessary skill to properly perform their job.

USPS requires their employees to undergo intense training and education programs to prepare them for their field work. Starting in the classroom setting, USPS employees learn the ins and outs of mail delivery prior to performing field work. The training program is intensive to ensure that these people are prepared for highway travel and any other type of transport. The following are some of the most important USPS development and training goals:

  • Guide employees to establish a career path within the company

  • Improve upon the employees’ current job performance

  • Increase skill level and knowledge in order to perform new job duties

  • Continual education in terms of procedures, technologies, and overall postal systems

The United States Postal Service certainly places substantial weight on the importance of education and training. As the company continues to grow rapidly, their employees must be able to safely maintain their current duties while learning elements from new practices. While this plays a role in preventing many USPS truck collisions, it is impossible to prevent them all.

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Motor Vehicle Safety Program

The Motor Vehicle Safety Program, overseen by the U.S. Department of Transportation, was established to promote safety for all of the cities and states where USPS truck travel. With safety at the forefront of every initiative, this program serves to reduce the number of USPS truck collisions occurring on the roads and highways throughout the nation. In addition, to promoting safety, the Motor Vehicle Safety Program also serves to increase the productivity and efficiency of mail distribution as a whole.

For instance, the program utilizes an Accident Analysis feature to learn from past mistakes in the hopes to prevent future accidents. Therefore, if a Florida USPS truck driver is involved in a crash, the analysis will reveal a number of important factors. From the delivery route to the speed traveled, paired with many additional factors, the Accident Analysis helps to breakdown why a crash occurred and thus helps to prevent future collisions.

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