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The attorneys at Gordon & Partners understand that patients undergoing cosmetic surgery expect the procedure to produce results that ultimately make them look and feel better. However, if a surgeon acts in a negligent manner while performing a surgery, the results can be devastating. If a surgeon breaches his or her duty of care to a patient, the patient may be entitled to pursue legal action against the surgeon by filing a cosmetic surgery malpractice lawsuit.

Our skilled attorneys have more than 200 years combined experience handling a diverse array of medical malpractice lawsuits, including those filed against plastic and cosmetic surgeons. We have witnessed the traumatic effects an inadequately performed cosmetic procedure can have on a patient, and we are committed to holding all surgeons and healthcare facilities accountable for their negligent actions.

If you or a loved one was injured or disfigured after undergoing plastic or cosmetic surgery, you may have grounds to file a lawsuit. For more information about your legal options, contact our West Palm Beach cosmetic surgery malpractice lawyers today. We will listen to your story and help you determine if filing a lawsuit is right for you. All consultations with us are free of charge, and we do not get paid unless we secure a favorable verdict or settlement for you.

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What is Cosmetic Surgery Malpractice?

Instances of malpractice can occur during any plastic or cosmetic procedure, such as breast augmentation, liposuction or face lifts. While these procedures do not come with a guarantee of perfection, most patients expect their surgeon to perform the operation properly and effectively. Still, cosmetic or plastic surgery that does not achieve the desired results does not necessarily mean the patient has legal recourse.

However, all health care professionals, including cosmetic surgeons, have a duty to perform within acceptable standards of practice as defined by the medical community. If a surgeon fails to meet these standards, they may be liable for any injury, permanent disfigurement or death that resulted from their inadequacy.

Potential situations that may warrant a cosmetic surgery malpractice lawsuit include:

  • Being operated on by a surgeon who is not licensed to perform cosmetic procedures
  • Nurse anesthetists providing the anesthesia instead of an anesthesiologist, purely to cut costs
  • Performing difficult procedures in a private office instead of a hospital or outpatient surgery center
  • Failing to take a patient’s entire health history before performing surgery
  • Disregarding a patient’s informed consent and performing additional or different procedures
  • Operating on the wrong body part

A rising trend that often results in cosmetic surgery malpractice lawsuits is the performance of a cosmetic procedure by a surgeon who is not licensed in cosmetic, plastic or reconstructive surgery. Certain doctors may take a quick course on plastic surgery and then promote themselves as capable, learned cosmetic surgeons. As with any type of surgery, cosmetic surgery has its own complexities and potential for complications. If an improperly trained surgeon performs these procedures, they may lack the qualifications and experience necessary to execute the operation safely and correctly. They may also be unable to make a proper judgment call, should any complications arise during the surgery.

Have you or someone you love suffered an injury or permanent disfigurement after undergoing a cosmetic procedure? If so, you may be entitled to file a lawsuit and receive compensation for your losses. To speak with one of our knowledgeable West Palm Beach cosmetic surgery malpractice lawyers, contact us today.

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How Do I Know if I Have a Cosmetic Surgery Malpractice Case?

All cosmetic procedures carry the risk of life-threatening complications. If a surgeon fails to execute these procedures with the utmost skill and care, patients can be seriously harmed. If you sustained injuries or were disfigured due to the negligence of a cosmetic surgeon, you may be entitled to file a lawsuit and receive financial compensation for medical bills, lost wages, diminished quality of life and mental anguish. Injuries that may result from cosmetic surgery malpractice include:

  • Permanent scarring that is raised or hardened
  • Disfigurement of the face, chest, torso or legs
  • Caving or sinking where the surgery was performed
  • Skin death or discoloration
  • Chronic infections
  • Excessive bleeding
  • Pneumonia
  • Irreversible nerve damage and paralysis
  • Adverse, potentially life-threatening reaction to anesthesia
  • Death

Patients who were injured due to the negligence of a cosmetic surgeon may be legally entitled to receive financial compensation, including punitive damages, which is money awarded to a victim purely to punish the at-fault surgeon in an attempt to dissuade other doctors from potentially harming their patients.

In order to prevail in a cosmetic surgery malpractice lawsuit, a victim must be able to prove the following facts in a court of law:

  • The surgeon had a duty to perform within the accepted standards of practice as defined by the medical community
  • The surgeon breached this duty by acting negligently or, in certain instances, failing to act at all
  • The patient sustained an injury or illness, or the patient died, following the cosmetic procedure
  • The injury, illness or death was a direct result of the surgeon’s breach of duty
  • Severe damages or losses accompanied the patient’s illness, injury or death

In instances where a surgeon’s negligence resulted in the death of a patient, the surviving family members may be entitled to file a wrongful death lawsuit and receive compensation for such damages and losses as funeral and burial costs, loss of medical insurance, lost income, loss of pension and loss, of companionship.

While severe damages and losses are indefinitely associated with patient death, they are also associated with patient illness or injury, even if no loss of life occurred. For example, a harmed patient may be compensated for any current or future medical costs related to their illness or injury. If a patient is injured and can no longer work, they may also be compensated for lost wages. Additionally, an injured patient who suffers mental anguish may be compensated financially to mitigate the pain, suffering and trauma caused by the surgical malpractice.

If you or someone you love underwent cosmetic or plastic surgery and suffered an injury or death as a result, you may be entitled file a lawsuit and receive much-deserved compensation. Contact us to have a West Palm Beach cosmetic surgery malpractice lawyer from Gordon & Partners review your case.

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How Our West Palm Beach Cosmetic Surgery Malpractice Lawyers Can Help

All patients who suffered permanent disfigurement or battled life-threatening infections after receiving a substandard cosmetic procedure may be entitled to file a lawsuit against the surgeon or healthcare facility where their surgery was performed. If gross negligence on behalf of the surgeon resulted in a patient’s death, the surviving family members may be entitled to file a wrongful death lawsuit.

At Gordon & Partners, our skilled West Palm Beach cosmetic surgery malpractice lawyers have the knowledge and resources necessary to hold all liable parties accountable for their negligent and unethical actions. We will carefully review the details of your case to determine the type and amount of financial compensation you deserve. In cases where a surgeon’s actions or failure to act was excessively negligent, we will fight tirelessly to ensure you are awarded punitive damages in order to punish the surgeon and deter others from engaging in similar behavior.

Our West Palm Beach cosmetic surgery malpractice lawyers will stop at nothing to ensure all victims of cosmetic surgery malpractice receive the justice, compensation and compassionate support they deserve. For a free review of your potential personal injury lawsuit, contact us today. As always, all consultations with our esteemed West Palm Beach cosmetic surgery malpractice lawyers are 100 percent free of charge, and we do not collect any money for our services unless we win a favorable verdict or settlement for you.

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Verdicts & Settlements

Negligent failure to diagnose cancer.

Failure to diagnose spine fracture resulting in paralysis.

Settlement for a 54-year-old woman who suffered brain damage during a hip replacement surgery because the anesthesiologist failed to recognize that her respiratory levels had significantly dropped for nine minutes during the surgical procedure..

Negligent interpretation of radiology study resulting in death.

Failure to manage hypertension resulting in stroke.

Negligent delivery of infant causing Erb’s Palsy injury.

Settlement for a 36-year-old mother of four kids whose peroneal and sciatic nerves were severed during ACL surgery, causing a permanent foot drop.

Failure to appropriately monitor patient after surgery resulting in death.

Settlement for the family of a 34-year-old woman who died because her doctor failed to diagnose metastatic cancer. The woman underwent a bilateral mastectomy, from which the doctor reported that the biopsy came back as nonmetastatic cancer. Three years later, a PET scan found metastatic cancer in her liver. A reread of the initial slides found that they had been misread and the cancer in the breast was metastatic. .

Failure of nursing staff to inform physicians of changes after surgery resulting in death.

Failure to diagnose bilateral pneumonia at walk-in clinic resulting in death.

Failure to diagnose heart attack in Emergency Department.

Failure to refer patient to a specialist resulting in death.

Failure to obtain prior medical records resulting in need for permanent dialysis .

Failure to properly order blood thinning medications resulting in hemorrhagic event.

Failure to properly manage diabetes resulting in coma.

Failure to manage narcotic pain medication resulting in death.

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