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Traffic Fines

Statistics provided by the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles demonstrate that there was a total of 9,618 motorcycle accident s across the state in 2008. Of these accidents, there were 532 total fatalities and 8,519 total injuries.

As Florida is known for providing its residence and vacationers with its endless summer, motorcyclists are able to ride their bikes year round. Unfortunately, this also contributes to higher speeds of travel and motorcyclists neglecting to abide by all traffic laws, which untimely leads to higher motorcycle traffic fines and an increase in motorcycle accidents.

At Gordon & Partners, our attorneys not only fight for those individuals that have been injured in a motorcycle accident by negligent drivers. We also want to keep our roadways safe. Therefore, it is necessary to inform our community of some of the traffic fines present to motorcyclists enjoying the ultimate riding experience throughout Florida.

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Florida Motorcycle License Requirements

In the state of Florida, all motorcyclists are required to possess a motorcycle endorsement, or license, to operate these vehicles on our roadways. These classes are meant to inform the rider on how to properly operate the motorcycle, inform them on safety, and how to avoid accidents on our roadways. Motorcycle endorsements can be obtained at any Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor vehicles.

If a motorcyclist has been caught riding without this required endorsement, they may be subject to a variety of penalties. These individuals will be charged with a second degree misdemeanor, which has penalties ranging from being fined, receiving jail time, and/or probation.

The exact penalties include:

  • $500 Fine
  • 60 Days in Jail
  • Six months of probation

Simply put, taking the 12 hour course to receive your endorsement is the time and effort, versus any of the penalties. Furthermore, these courses will improve your overall motorcycle driver safety and help you to avoid becoming one of the above statistics.

Florida Motorcycle Traffic Fines

In addition to the above fines, of riding a motorcycle without the proper endorsement, motorcyclists must also follow the same laws as passenger vehicles, while also following laws set for motorcyclists. These laws have also been set in place to protect drivers and passengers of motorcycles so they can avoid accidents and have fun while riding.

Some common traffic fines include:


This is where the driver lifts the front tire off the roadway, typically done on sport bikes. These fines can include reckless driving or a moving violation. First time offenders will be fined $1,000 and other costs associated for a moving violation.

Helmet Laws

Although not all motorcyclists in Florida are required to wear a helmet, all riders under the age of 21 must wear a helmet. Additionally, riders must possess a minimum of $10,000 of medical insurance to ride without a helmet.

Eye Protection

If you wear corrective lenses, you are required to wear eye protection while riding a motorcycle in Florida. If you are caught not wearing eye protection and wear corrective lenses; this is considered a second degree misdemeanor and can result in a $500 fine and/or 60 days in jail.

Of course, there are many additional Florida motorcycle traffic fines such as; motorcycles cannot have exhaust pipes louder than the original stock pipes, handlebars can be no higher than the top of the shoulders while seated, and riders cannot ride in between lanes of traffic.

In any case, a rider may find help with their Florida traffic ticket by taking the same type of Basic Driver Improvement Course as drivers of passenger vehicles, which can also be taken online. A member of your county’s Clerk of Court can help you determine if you are eligible for one of these courses by providing them with your ticket number.

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At Gordon & Partners, all of our attorneys want to keep our roadways and motorcyclists safe, however, motorcyclists must abide by all traffic laws set by our state, or it could result in enormous traffic fines or injuries.

If you or a family member has been injured in a motorcycle accident, we believe that the victim may be entitled to compensation for all of their losses and damages including; loss of wages, medical expenses, litigation expenses, pain and suffering, and property damages.

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