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bed-ridden residentBedsores are preventable open wounds that can lead to severe pain, serious infections and even death in extreme situations.

If you suspect that neglect has caused your loved one to develop this type of injury, do not hesitate to contact the nursing home bedsores attorneys at Gordon & Partners for help fighting for the justice your loved one deserves.

Our West Palm Beach nursing home abuse attorneys take pride in protecting the rights and interests of the elderly and helping them receive compensation for their pain and suffering.

If someone has treated your aging loved one negligently, you have every right to seek justice. Our skilled nursing home bedsores attorneys will put their knowledge, experience and resources to work and hold the liable parties accountable for their actions.

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Bedsores and Nursing Home Neglect

Bedsores, also called pressure sores or decubitus ulcers, are an important warning sign that your loved one may be suffering from neglect or inadequate care.

These preventable injuries can occur among residents who are bedridden, unable to move on their own, or who are restricted to wheelchairs.

The lesions are caused by constant pressure that restricts blood flow to skin and tissue in stationary patients, causing the affected area to die and produce an ulcerated sore.

They commonly develop on parts of the body where bone is directly beneath the skin, such as ankles, heels, elbows, shoulder blades or the tailbone. The exact location, however, varies in every case and depends on how the victim is positioned for an extended period of time.

It is the responsibility of nursing homes and caregivers to ensure a resident is moved and shifted into a new position every few hours in order to prevent bedsores from developing. Sores often develop when staff members do not have enough time to provide needed care, or when they are simply providing inadequate care. The development of sores is never the fault of the victim.

A facility may be held liable for resulting bedsores if the staff fails to assist, reposition or monitor immobile patients, or if they fail to change soiled clothing or bedding. Our nursing home bedsores attorneys can review the circumstances of your claim to determine if you have grounds to file a lawsuit for abuse or neglect. We can help you hold an assisted living facility accountable for the injuries your loved one has suffered.

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Stages of Bedsores

Bedsores are painful injuries that can quickly lead to serious complications. Once a sore begins to develop, it is vital that a nursing home take immediate action to heal and remedy the injury, as they can quickly worsen.

There are four stages of bedsore development, with each stage progressively becoming more serious:

  • Stage one – When a bedsore first appears, the skin will not be broken, but there may be some discoloration and the affected area will be sensitive to the touch. The skin may feel warm and softer or firmer around the sore.
  • Stage two – During this stage the sore will become an open wound that will look like a scratch or blister, damaging the skin beyond repair. It may also appear as a crater shape that is beginning to deepen into the skin.
  • Stage three – At this point the sore will have become a deep, crater-like wound that continues to deepen into the soft tissue under the skin.
  • Stage four – This is the most severe stage of a bedsore, at which point the damage is irreversible and may affect muscle or bone.

If a resident’s sores reach stage three or four, it is often considered a life-threatening condition. At this point, serious infections or diseases may develop as a result of the open and untreated wound. The victim could suffer from sepsis, bone and joint damage, or even death.

The early stages of bedsores are treatable, as long as the staff recognizes the sores and takes appropriate actions to treat them. If an assisted living facility fails to provide adequate care to prevent or treat bedsores, you may be entitled to file a personal injury lawsuit on behalf of your loved one.

Our nursing home bedsores attorneys can help you seek and recover justice and fair compensation for your loved one’s pain and suffering.

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How Our Nursing Home Bedsores Attorneys Can Help

No one should have to suffer from something as painful and preventable as bedsores. Every patient, especially elderly loved ones, deserves to receive the best care possible.

If your loved one has developed bedsores, you should alert medical staff and the facility management right away. Then you should contact our reputable nursing home bedsores attorneys for help holding the facility legally responsible for their inadequate care and neglect.

Our West Palm Beach nursing home abuse attorneys have decades of experience representing elderly abuse victims throughout South Florida, and we can help you obtain the justice your loved one deserves. We have an impressive record of recovering the MAXIMUM amount of compensation for our clients, and we will work diligently and quickly on behalf of the best interests of your loved one.

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