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Homeowners are sometimes surprised to find out that their insurance policy may cover the cost to replace all continuous tile flooring in their home in the event that a portion of a single tile is damaged due to an object being dropped on it. Nonetheless, dropped object claims have steadily increased over the past few […] Read More
What rights does an insured have after assigning any and all insurance rights, benefits, and proceeds under the homeowners insurance policy to a third party?Homeowners that have experienced the frustration of dealing with a loss to their home, whether by flood, fire or hurricane, can attest to the stressful nature of the re-building process. As […] Read More
Florida residents are no strangers to natural disasters. With the threat of serious storms stretching from April to November, most home owners and residents are well aware of the damage that these storms can unleash.In fact, recent statistics released by the National Hurricane Center have revealed that some of the most recent hurricanes that passed […] Read More
Florida insurance policy holders pay their premiums so that in the event of an accident, they will have coverage for losses incurred.Unfortunately, however, insurance companies often act in what is called “bad faith” and do not pay policy holders the compensation they require to fully cover their losses.When this happens, it is important to speak […] Read More
In most large-scale manufacturing, processing or mining environments, the risk of a commercial gas explosion is often always present. While many companies do their best to adhere to the national safety guidelines, unfortunately mistakes happen.In a commercial environment, often large quantities of chemicals and gases are used as part of the manufacturing process, or to […] Read More
In a 2010 study released by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), it was stated that grill fires account for approximately $37 million in property losses and an average of 10 death and 100 injuries per year.Admittedly, there was a season-bias to this study, which noted that over 55% of these residential grill fires occurred […] Read More

Natural Gas Explosions

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As it’s name suggests, natural gas is a naturally occurring gas that is usually found in cavernous formations deep beneath the surface of the earth.Colorless and odorless by nature, it can be a “silent killer” in many homes and factories due to the fact that occupants and workers cannot smell it accumulating in a room […] Read More
In a 2010 survey performed by the National Fire Protection Association, it was noted that U.S fire departments responded to approximately 45,000 home structure fires that were caused by either electrical failure or electrical malfunction.Unfortunately, these fires resulted in over 1,500 civilian injuries, 400 civilian deaths and approximately $1.5 BILLION in direct property damage.In a […] Read More

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