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A disaster can strike in an instant. Homeowner’s insurance can help cover the damage caused by fire, water or a hurricane, however, if your home’s structure is not up to code, you may have to fight to get the coverage you need.

Basic homeowner’s insurance policies will pay the cost to replace your home to its original building standards. If your home suffered severe damage, an inspection may reveal further issues. Law and ordinance coverage can offset the difference between what it costs to meet current building codes and what your homeowner’s insurance policy will pay.

If your insurer is unwilling to pay for the cost of bringing your home or edifice back up to code, you may need help from an experienced West Palm Beach law and ordinance lawyer. Our attorneys will assist you in handling your claim and addressing all coverage’s within your insurance policy.

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What is Law and Ordinance?

In Florida, laws or building codes can greatly affect the reconstruction of damaged homes. When a home is damaged, the most important thing on an owner’s mind is repairing their home back to normal. The process may be stalled though as a home inspection will be needed in order to make sure the building is safe.

Law and ordinance coverage can help protect homeowners from increased costs due to these regulations. However, some policies will limit the amount of coverage for certain increased costs. For example, you may be limited to using only 25 percent of your upgrades for building code requirements. If the costs for building codes requirements is 30 percent of your coverage, you may have to pay the difference out of pocket.

Building codes change over time as more is known on how to make a building safer and better able to withstand a natural disaster. Unfortunately, if you live in an older home, you are more likely to have to bring the home up to code before repairs can be completed.

If your home was recently damaged and you are unsure if law and ordinance is included in your policy, contact a knowledgeable West Palm Beach law and ordinance lawyer. We can thoroughly read over your policy to ensure your legal rights are being protected. If we believe an insurance company is wrongfully denying your claim, we will you help get the compensation you need.

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Law and Ordinance Coverage in Florida

It is important for all homeowners to be aware of law and ordinance coverage and to speak with a homeowner insurance claims lawyer to verify if their policy contains this coverage to ensure that their home will be covered when a disaster strikes.

The following losses may be covered depending on your insurance policy:

  • Damage to real property, equipment, machinery, personal property and inventory
  • Lost profits caused by business interruption
  • Cost of preventive actions taken
  • Cost of temporary or emergency repairs
  • Cost of temporary labor

Your insurer may deny your claim for law and ordinance or unnecessarily delay it so that you are effectively denied coverage. Insurers may also lowball your settlement offer in an effort to quickly close out your claim.

If you are making a claim on your law and ordinance coverage, get help from a West Palm Beach law and ordinance lawyer. The attorneys at Gordon & Partners will fight to get the best recovery for you.

Contact a West Palm Beach Law and Ordinance Lawyer

Whether your claim is related to property damage, business interruption, expenses incurred as a result of a covered loss, increased cost of construction, personal property loss, or replacement cost issues, our main responsibility is to make sure that you are treated fairly by your insurance company.

With more than 180 years of combined legal experience, our West Palm Beach law and ordinance lawyers can review your claim and determine the best course of action. If your insurer does not settle your claim fairly, we will go to court on your behalf so that you receive the justice you deserve.

It is our job to make sure you understand what is going on in your case every step of the way. At Gordon & Partners, our legal team works for you. We understand that you are already facing mounting home repair costs, which is why we work on a contingency fee basis. You will not have to pay our law firm unless we are able to obtain a favorable outcome.

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