Flip-Flops Cause More than 1 Million Accidents and Close-Calls Each Year

Posted on behalf of Gordon & Doner on Aug 20, 2013 in Auto Accidents

A new study has found that flip-flops are the cause of more than 1 million car accidents and close-calls each year. About 1 in 9 drivers admits that their flip-flop has gotten stuck underneath the pedal while driving. Additionally, wearing flip-flops can slow braking time by .13 seconds.

The study which was conducted in the United Kingdom surveyed more than 1,000 British motorists, of which, more than one-third admitted to wearing flip-flops while behind the wheel.  About 27 percent of the surveyed drivers admitted that their footwear had caused some type of driving mishap.

It is now believed that wearing flip-flops while driving is more dangerous than wearing high-heels.

As the residents of the sunshine state are known for their use of such footwear it is important that drivers consider the advice of such research. In just .13 seconds a serious car collision could occur and result in serious injuries.

Consider using the appropriate footwear when behind the wheel and if wearing flip-flops drive safely as more than 227,000 motor vehicle accidents were reported in Florida in 2011.

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