Drowsy Driving Dangers Increase Over the Holidays

Drowsy Driving a Danger Over the Holiday Season

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In 2015, there were approximately 5,000 fatigue-related accident deaths in the United States. As millions across the country prepare to travel by passenger vehicle this holiday season, drivers must be aware of the dangers drowsy driving poses.

Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s holidays are the top travel times for Americans. More than 90 percent will be taking a personal vehicle, according to the Department of Transportation.

In the state of Florida, 23 deaths and more than 4,000 injuries were caused by drowsy driving accidents in 2015. In both 2013 and 2014, only nine drowsy driving deaths occurred each year. The four counties with the most drowsy driving accidents in 2015 include:

  • Miami-Dade County with 550 accidents
  • Broward County with 405 accidents
  • Orange County with 324 accidents
  • Palm Beach County with 315 accidents

With more people spending more time on the roads during the holidays, traveling to and from Florida and other locations, the risk of drowsy driving increases. Traveling in the early and late hours when drivers do not usually travel can cause drowsiness, says AAA.

To prevent fatigue while driving, drivers should do the following:

  • Plan time to take rest stops when determining your travel schedule – take breaks every 100 miles or every two hours.
  • Drive with a companion – share the driving load and keep each other alert.
  • Don’t plan to drive during your regular sleeping hours.
  • Get plenty of sleep before beginning your trip.
  • Before your trip, check to see if any medications you take could cause drowsiness.
  • Drink caffeinated beverages while driving.
  • If you feel tired, pull off the road to a safe location and take a nap if possible.

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