Are You Suffering from Post-Accident Depression?

Post Auto Accident Depression Lawyers

Can a car accident cause depression? Yes.

Can you pursue compensation for depression after a car accident caused by another’s negligence? Yes.

The car accident lawyers at Gordon & Partners are prepared to fight aggressively for the victims of the mental trauma brought on by a car accident. We know that people who suffer from depression struggle in ways different than those who experience physical wounds, though auto accidents can certainly cause both.

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Signs of Depression After a Car Accident

Being aware of some of the most common signs of depression is very important. Far too many accident victims ignore the warning signs of depression until it has gotten to a breaking point. Only when depression symptoms are recognized early-on can the issue be treated effectively.

The following are some of the most common signs of depression following an accident:

In a split second, an automobile accident can turn your world upside down. The goal of recovery from emotional trauma is to restore control over your life.” – Karen Szmyd Dickason, LCSW

  • Headaches
  • Anxiety
  • Lack of interest in things that were once enjoyed
  • Lack of interest in people
  • Fatigue, tired feeling
  • Guilt
  • Suicidal thoughts or thinking about death
  • A constant feeling of sadness
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Difficulty eating
  • Feeling hopeless and/or worthless
  • Trouble making decisions
  • Issues with concentration and thinking

Dealing with the post-accident trauma that comes with any traffic collision is difficult. Some people have trouble dealing with the aftermath of a crash. For instance, if a driver involved in the collision was suddenly struck from the side while traveling along Florida’s Turnpike or any other major highway, they may have a newfound fear of driving on Florida highways following the accident.

Statistics: Post-Accident Depression

[…There may be] rather large psychological complications even when the motor vehicle accidents have medically not been in the least bit serious.” – Richard Mayou, FRCPsych, Prof. of Psychiatry, University of Oxford. Warneford Hospital.

  • Traffic accidents have become the leading cause of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) since the Vietnam War. [Norris FH. Epidemiology of trauma: frequency and impact of different potentially traumatic events on different demographic groups. J Consult Clin Psychol. 1992; 60:409–18.]
  • Accident severity, fatalities, and severe injuries contribute to the likelihood a person will develop depression or PTSD-like symptoms after a crash.
  • Estimates find 9% of car accident survivors develop significant PTSD symptoms and that many survivors have PTSD-like symptoms without actually developing the condition.
  • Chronic physical impairment and financial strain following an accident can also contribute to depression

File a Claim of Post-Accident Depression

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If you are feeling depressed after being involved in an accident that was not your fault, contact our personal injury attorneys today to seek justice and compensation for the mental and emotional trauma you endured after your accident.

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