Texting & Driving Accidents Continue to Increase

texting accidents increasing

A new study by the National Safety Council has revealed that the number of reported texting and driving driving accidents increased by six percent in 2013.

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Texting & Driving on the Rise

More than 45 states, and some U.S. territories, ban texting and driving for all drivers. Unfortunately, the majority of these laws are secondary offenses, which means drivers cannot be pulled over just for texting and driving.

According the National Safety Council (NSC), about 21 percent of all crashes in 2013 were related to the use of handheld or hands-free phones. Talking on the phone was attributed to approximately 1.2 million crashes, however, texting and driving attribution was anywhere between 341,000 and 910,000.

The NSC notes that about 1.7 percent of drivers use their cellphones at any given time during the day while driving.

The study comes hot on the heels of AT&Ts survey revealing that 70 percent of respondents used their cellphones while driving. Even worse, participants admitted to using email, Facebook, Instagram and even video chats while driving.

Furthermore, about 62 percent of AT&T survey participants keep their smartphones within easy reach.

Although having a cellphone is important in case of emergencies, drivers should consider putting their cellphones in the glove compartment or their purse in order to avoid the temptation of checking their cellphone while driving.

At Gordon & Partners, we believe that all drivers should obey the law and practice safe driving habits, not just for themselves, but also for their passengers and fellow motorists.

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