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Tips for Driving in Foggy Conditions

Fog, which is quite literally a cloud of water dewdrops suspended near the earth’s surface, presents a serious risk for all Florida drivers. Heavy fog, otherwise referred to as dense fog, greatly reduces the visibility on the Florida roads and highways. Therefore, attempting to drive during this heavy fog is incredibly dangerous to both the operator of the vehicle as well as the other motorists on the roadways.

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Highway Administration (FHA), driving in fog is amongst the most dangerous types of weather conditions a motorist can drive in. Listed as one of the Federal Highway Administration’s road weather variables, fog impacts the roadway in terms of visibility distance.

In terms of how fog affects traffic flow, FHA states that changes in speed, delays in travel time, speed of traffic and risk of accident are all factors. As such, Florida residents must adjust their driving habits accordingly when driving in fog. Neglecting to alter driving patterns may result in a motor vehicle collision. If you or a loved one has been involved in a crash while driving in fog, Gordon & Partners is prepared to take on your case today.

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Tips for Driving in Fog

From traffic conditions to operational impacts on the vehicle itself, driving in fog presents a serious risk for all Florida drivers. With the responsibility of driving safely from one destination to another, Florida motorists must take this weather condition seriously. Sadly, however, many drivers look at fog in a casual manner, placing them in a position to be unaware of the potential dangers.

Foggy conditions significantly affect the driver’s visibility and perception. For instance, drivers are often unable to determine their speed, as fog distorts this perception. In addition, motorists often misjudge distances, as determining the difference between stationary objects and moving objects is incredibly challenging in foggy conditions.

In order to place yourself and your passenger occupants in the safest position possible, it is important to exercise safety while driving in fog. Therefore, we strongly suggest for all Florida residents to adhere to the following tips for driving in fog:

  • If possible, wait to travel until the fog clears – typically in the afternoon time

  • Keep low beams lights on, high beam lights reflect back off of the fog and impair vision

  • Open your window slightly to listen for oncoming traffic in which cannot be seen

  • Reduce speed significantly

  • Keep a close watch on your vehicle’s speedometer, as distortion of perception leads drivers to believe that they are traveling slower than they really are

  • Utilize defrosters and windshield wipers in order to increase visibility as much as possible

  • Take advantage of road markings and/or right edges of the road to guide the vehicle

  • Never attempt to pass traffic, patience is critical while driving in fog

  • In the event where your vehicle is disabled or stalls, move away from the vehicle to avoid damage from oncoming traffic which cannot see you

  • Turn on hazard lights

  • Never tailgate

  • Allow for extra room in following distance

  • Attempt to drive where no other vehicles are near

  • Never use cruise control in these weather conditions

  • Remain in the same lanes for as long as possible

  • Be aware of parked vehicles and slowly moving vehicles, as fog greatly distorts perceptions

  • Avoid any sudden movements such as braking suddenly or moving lanes suddenly

In many instances, Florida residents must drive through fog in order to get to work, drop children off at school, or any other activity that must take place when fog is typically heavy. Avoiding driving in fog is the safest course of action; however, this is often not possible. Therefore, Florida motorists must take great caution while operating a vehicle in fog. If you or a loved one has been injured in a crash, contact Gordon & Partners today to learn about your potential legal options.

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