Young Millennials Have the Worst Driving Habits

Young Millennials Named the Worst Behaved Drivers in the U.S.

distracted millennial driver

A recent AAA survey found young millennial drivers, ages 19 to 24, to be the most unsafe generation of drivers in the nation. A shocking 88 percent admitted to engaging in one or more unsafe driving behavior in the month prior to the survey.

In its 2016 Traffic Safety Culture Index, AAA asked participants how often they texted while driving, sped and ran red lights within the month leading up to the survey.

  • Running red lights: Approximately 50 percent of drivers ages 19 to 24 say they ran a red light that recently turned when they could have made a safe stop, compared to 36 percent of all U.S. drivers.
  • Texting while driving: 66.1 percent of young millennial drivers have read an email or text while driving, and 59.3 percent have texted or sent an email while driving. That is compared to only 40.2 percent of all drivers who have read texts and emails while driving, and 31.4 percent who have sent them. Texting and driving is illegal in Florida.
  • Speeding: Young millennial drivers are 1.4 times more likely to speed at a rate of 10 mph over the posted speed limit on residential streets versus other drivers. Twelve percent of young millennial drivers say it is okay to speed 10 mph over the speed limit in a school zone, compared to less than five percent of all U.S. drivers who think speeding in a school zone is okay.

Although the survey results show that more young millennials engage in these dangerous behaviors than other generations of drivers, all age groups reported engaging in some type of dangerous behavior while driving:

  • 16-18 years old (69.3 percent)
  • 19-24 years old (88.4 percent)
  • 25-39 years old (79.2 percent)
  • 40-59 years old (75.2 percent)
  • 60-74 years old (67.3 percent)
  • 75 and older (69.1 percent)

Dangerous Driving Behaviors Fueling Increasing Traffic Deaths

As traffic fatalities in the U.S. continue to climb at an alarming rate, drivers’ dangerous behaviors behind the wheel could be a major contributor.

The National Safety Council (NSC) estimates that 2016 traffic fatalities increased six percent over 2015 and 14 percent over 2014, marking the most significant two-year increase in more than 50 years.

Safety advocates with the organization believe that American’s complacency in believing that traffic accidents will happen no matter what is killing us. They attribute this belief and drivers’ behaviors behind the wheel as the leading contributors to recent increases in traffic deaths.

A recent NSC driver safety public opinion poll supports this theory and provides additional information about drivers’ poor habits while behind the wheel:

  • 64 percent of participants are comfortable speeding
  • 47 percent text while driving, either manually or through voice technology
  • 13 percent think it is okay to drive under the influence of marijuana
  • 10 percent have driven after consuming too much alcohol

Until drivers’ opinions of driving and habits while behind the wheel are improved, car accidents will continue to happen because of driver negligence.

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