Brain Injury Management

Living With Brain Injury: An Informational Guide
Produced By The Brain Injury Association Of America


Living with Brain Injury: An Informational Guide for Adults is a composite of information, articles, and ideas. Every individual with a brain injury and their families react and progress to the recovery of brain injury in a different manner.

The National Brain Injury Information Center (NBIIC) does not support, endorse, or recommend any methods, treatment, or programs listed. The NBIIC does not claim that this book encompasses all articles and ideas on brain injury. We advise that individuals with brain injury and their families use this as a resource, and adapt the information to their specific needs.

Information provided by the Brain Injury Association Of America.
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We hope this information is useful to you.


Introduction To Brain Injury
This chapter describes the brain and its functions, and illustrates the four areas of the brain and how each area works.

A definition of brain injury-both traumatic and acquired is given, including the causes, costs, and consequences.


Acute Care

This chapter reviews the acute care phase for people with Brain Injury and defines some of the many medical and technical terms that families might hear during the course of treatment of their loved ones. This chapter also overviews coma recovery stages, types of diagnostic tests, medical treatments and members of the rehabilitation team.


Functional Impact of Brain Injury
Once the individual with a brain injury is medically stable, a functional assessment is completed and goals for rehabilitation are established.

During the acute rehabilitation phase, the focus is on maximizing functional abilities, including developing bowel and bladder control, developing communication skills, improving mobility, increasing basic hygiene, improving orientation, and learning.


Community Living: Connecting to Your Community Resources
When an individual with a brain injury is ready to be discharged from rehabilitation, it is time to plan for living with a brain injury. In a questions and answer format, this chapter addresses the most important issues to consider in planning for that life.

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