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The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention defines bullying as a person or group repeatedly attempting to harm someone who is weaker or who they believe to be weaker. On occasion, this may include direct attacks including hitting, teasing, name calling, or taunting. While it may also include spreading rumors or attempting to make others reject someone.

At Gordon & Partners, our personal injury attorneys have great sympathy for the victims of bullying and understand that this should not be tolerated by any individual. our attorneys believe that if you or a loved one has been a victim of bullying and suffer from any mental or physical injuries, the victim may be entitled to compensation for any losses and damages that occurred.

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Types of Bullying

There are several different types of bullying which take place throughout the state of Florida and the United States each year. Often times, people may believe that bullying is strictly to children, however it is not. Some types of bullying include:

Cyber Bullying

This type of bullying is done through technology and often goes undetected due to the lack of parental and authoritative supervision. Many times, bullies will pose as someone else, thus they remain anonymous and are less likely to get caught. This type of bullying may include; email abuse, instant messaging, website, social networks, and text messaging.

Disability Bullying

This type of bullying takes pace to disabled people who are affected by bullying and abuse, which is also categorized as a hate crime. This type of bullying is not limited to schools; while there have also been several cases of abuse reported by staff of care institutions.

Gay Bullying

These types of actions are used to designate verbal or physical actions which are direct or indirect in nature by a person or group of people against a person who is gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered, or of questionable sexual orientation.

Legal Bullying

Legal bullying is the presenting of a vexatious legal action to control or punish a person. This may take the form of frivolous, burdensome, or repetitive lawsuits brought to intimidate the defendant into submitting to the litigant’s requests.

Military Bullying

This may include the use of physical strength or the abuse of authority to victimize or intimidate others, or to give unlawful punishments. This topic has been argued that soldiering is different from other occupations and they should develop strength of body and spirit to accept bullying.

Parental Bullying

Often times, parents may displace their anger, insecurity, or persistent need to dominate and control upon their children in a way that has been proven to increase the chances of their children becoming aggressive or controlling toward peers. The American Psychological Association has advised parents that may suspect their children of bullying among peers, to consider setting better examples to their children.

Prison Bullying

The prison service has many types of bullying as may incarcerated individuals are in prison for aggressive crimes and were also bullies in school. Furthermore, the staff’s relationship with inmates may also lead to bulling. Some prison bullying scenarios include inmate bullying inmate, staff bullying inmate, staff bullying staff, and inmate bullying staff.

School Bullying

School bullying may occur in nearly every part in or around the school, while it is most common in physical education classes, activities, recess, hallways, school buses, and bathrooms. This may include a group of students taking advantage of or isolating a single student in order to gain loyalty of bystanders in order to avoid becoming the next victim. These individuals may taunt and tease the bully until physically abusing them.

Sexual Bullying

This type of bullying may be physical or non-physical and is based on a person’s sexuality or gender. This takes place when an individual takes sexuality or gender and uses it as a weapon. It may be carried out to a person’s face, behind their back, or by use of technology.

Workplace Bullying

According to the Workplace Bullying and Trauma Institute this takes place when someone uses verbal abuse, threatens, humiliates, intimidates, or attempts to sabotage another person’s work. Further statistics by this organization show that workplace bullying is three times as prevalent as illegal discrimination and nearly 1,600 times as prevalent as workplace violence.

There are several other types of bullying which may take place, however if bullying leads to mental or physical harm to another individual, our attorneys may be able to help.

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Florida law protects the victims of bullies by allowing them to file for a “injunction for Protection” also known as a “Protective Order” which prevents the aggressor from coming within 500 feet of the victim, or contact the victim in any way, shape, or form.

At Gordon & Partners, our attorneys have recognized how truly devastating bullying can be to a victim and can lead to severe mental and physical disorders if it is not put to an end. Based Palm Beach Gardens, Stuart, and Plantation, Florida, our attorneys are able to assist these victims throughout the state of Florida and elsewhere needed.

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