Child Hot Car Deaths Could Surpass 2015 Totals

The Dangers of Leaving a Child in a Hot Car

child in hot car

With summer temperatures heating up, it is vital that parents and other caretakers never leave a small child in a hot car, even if just for a moment. The rising temperatures significantly increase the dangers for those left in vehicles.

According to the organization, the number of children who have died of a heatstroke in a vehicle so far this year is almost equal to the total for 2015. So far this year, 23 children have died in hot cars, compared to 25 last year.

Two recent deaths of children left in hot cars, one in Missouri and another in Florida, have raised concerns about the high rate of deaths this year.

According to information on the, it can take just minutes for temperatures inside a vehicle to surpass 100 degrees, and rolling down a window will not help. The organization noted that children have died inside vehicles where the outside temperature was as low as 60 degrees.

With more than half of hot car deaths resulting from children accidently being left inside a hot car, has provide some important safety tips to help parents avoid this tragedy.

  • Look before you lock: always check the backseat of a vehicle before locking it
  • Keep vehicles locked at all times, even when parked in the driveway or garage to discourage children from entering the vehicle
  • Establish rules that prohibit your child from playing in or around vehicles
  • Never leave children alone in or around cars

If you see a child left alone in a vehicle, take action to get them out as quickly as possible. You should always call 911 if the child looks hot or sick.

Sunday, July 31 is National Heatstroke Awareness Day, and safety advocates encourage parents to take time to follow the above safety tips to help prevent an unexpected tragedy.

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