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The ability to hear is one of the most important senses in the human experience. Every aspect of daily living is altered when hearing is lost.

If you’ve suffered a loss of hearing or your sense of hearing has been seriously impaired because of occupational causes such as loud noise exposure or sudden trauma in the workplace, you could be eligible to collect Workers’ Compensation benefits.

The hearing loss lawyers at Gordon & Partners are here to represent victims like you, and pursue the maximum amount of compensation for those who have sustained permanent, debilitating injuries like a loss of one of the senses.

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Symptoms of Work-Related Permanent Hearing Loss

Occupational hearing loss is usually caused by acoustic trauma. Damage to the inner ear can occur during exposure to an exceedingly loud sound in a single incident, such as an explosion or firing gun. In most cases, the damage occurs over time, and a person will gradually lose their sense of hearing after repeated exposure to loud noises.

Unfortunately, the length of time it takes to cause damage is shorter than expected. Damage can come in the form of diminished hearing levels, a reduced range or nerve damage. In many cases of gradual hearing loss from prolonged exposure to noisy working conditions, a worker will not realize there is a diminished capacity until symptoms become severe.

Some warning signs and symptoms of hearing loss include:

  • Sounds are muffled
  • Sounds are distorted
  • Ringing or roaring sounds in one or both ears
  • Inability to hear high pitches
  • Struggling to decipher others’ speech

If you have been diagnosed with a diminished hearing capacity or have gone completely deaf, you could have a claim for workman’s comp. Contact our hearing loss lawyers now to find out more about how we can help you.

The Effects of a Noisy Workplace

Many factors determine how damaging noise in the workplace can be, including the volume and pitch of the sounds, how long you are exposed, and whether or not you use ear protection. Louder sounds will cause damage more rapidly than exposure to those at a lower volume.

Some examples of noise exposure that can cause hearing loss include:

  • Repeated exposure to sounds at 85 decibels will cause damage over time; the average power tool produces 100
  • Permanent damage can occur within a few hours when exposed to sounds at 120 decibels
  • Immediate damage can come from sounds at 140 – 170 decibels, such as that of a nearby nail gun

Do you need to wear ear protection at work? If you have to shout to be heard or have a hard time understanding people in close proximity, chances are you are being exposed to damaging noise. If there is any question whether damage is occurring, it is wise to err on the side of safety and wear protective ear gear.

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Any degree of deafness is a serious adjustment in a person’s life. Daily activities such as talking on the telephone, listening to music or having a conversation become a serious challenge, if not impossible.

our attorneys are compassionate and understand the hardships that come with partial or total hearing loss. We are highly experienced in Florida workers’ compensation claims and know what it takes to ensure you get all of the benefits you deserve.

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