What is Considered a Reasonable Person in a Negligence Case?

the reasonable person standard in a negligence case

The reasonable person standard is often applied in a personal injury case to assess whether negligence caused or contributed to an accident and resulted in injuries and damages.

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The Reasonable Person Standard in Negligence Cases

Negligence ensues when a party fails to behave with the same level of care that a reasonable person would have under the same or similar circumstances. The reasonable person is a fictional individual who approaches any situation with the proper amount of caution before sensibly taking action.

It is an objective standard used by the courts and juries to decide whether a party’s actions or inactions are found to be negligent. However, mistakes can happen. If an error is deemed reasonable under the circumstances, a party may not be held liable. A party could be considered negligent only if it is clear how a reasonable person would have behaved and the party failed to act based on that standard.

Examples of Actions a Reasonable Person Would Take

Whether a party acted reasonable or not will also depend on whether he or she owed a duty of care to the injured victim. Examples of actions a reasonable person would have done include the following:

  • A reasonable person would obey traffic laws to avoid harming others on the road. If a party ran a red light, which caused a crash and led to the victim’s injuries, he or she may be found negligent in accordance with the reasonable person standard.
  • A reasonable person would maintain their property in a safe condition and take steps to warn guests or visitors of the existing hazards. If a party failed to regularly inspect his or her property or fix any known hazards within a sufficient time frame, he or she may be found negligent.
  • A reasonable person would secure his or her dog with a lease while in a public place. Even when it is not a legal requirement, the owner of a dog would be expected to use a lease as an extra caution to prevent a dog bite or attack. A party who fails to do so may be found negligent.

Are There Exceptions to the Reasonable Person Standard?

If the case involves a child, children are typically not expected to act as a reasonable adult would act. A child’s actions or inactions are compared to other children who are the same age and share similar experiences. The courts hold children to a modified standard since they have less knowledge and experience. A child may not yet have the capability to know the consequences of his or her actions.

However, if a minor engages in adult activity – such as operating a vehicle – his or her actions or inactions could be held to the same standard as an adult.

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