Road Rash Injury Claims in FL

Road Rash Damages Claims in FL

When compared to a car or truck driver, a motorcycle rider is relatively unprotected. In most Florida motorcycle accidents, the rider is thrown from the bike, leaving him or her vulnerable to painful abrasions known as road rash.

If you or a loved one suffered road rash in a motorcycle accident that was caused by the actions or negligence of another person or entity, you may be entitled to file a lawsuit to recover damages from the crash. You may be able to receive compensation for current and future medical bills, property damage, physical pain and emotional anguish, among any other damages related to the accident.

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What is Road Rash?

Once a driver is thrown from or dragged behind a motorcycle, any bare skin that comes into contact with the pavement, asphalt, gravel and other road surfaces can become severely injured. Even when the motorcyclist has taken all appropriate safety precautions, like wearing a full leather outfit, the skin is not always protected from road rash injuries.

Road rash tears away layers of the motorcyclist’s skin, sometimes all the way down to the muscle and bone. Road rash injuries are often difficult to treat and can result in painful infections and nerve damage.

Road rash injuries are commonly graded in a similar manner to burn injuries, including the following degrees:

  • First Degree – This type of road rash reddens the first level of the skin. There is no need for medical treatment of this type of road rash as it will most likely heal on its own.
  • Second Degree – This type of road rash breaks the first level of the victim’s skin. Usually, the underlying layers are not affected by the injury and will heal on its own without scarring and permanent damage.
  • Third Degree – In these types of road rash injuries, the skin is almost completely gone, leaving the fat and tissue to be visible to the naked eye. Often, this type of injury requires expensive skin grafting for treatment.

Treatment options for road rash injuries are varied and depend mostly on the severity of the injury. Almost all treatment methods, however, are expensive. At Gordon & Partners, we believe that those at-fault for the accident should be held responsible for the cost of treatment. To find out how our attorneys may be able to help you recover expenses from the accident, simply complete the Free Case Evaluation form to the right of this page to get started.

Scarring and Disfigurement

When road rash results in scarring and disfigurement, it often greatly affects the quality of life of the victim. Costly skin grafts, reconstructive surgery, rehabilitation and other painful methods are often required to treat serious road rash injuries.

Depending on the location of the injury, road rash can affect every aspect of the victim’s life, from their job status to their self-esteem. At Gordon & Partners, our attorneys will work with you personally to help determine the full extent of your damages in order to seek compensation to address all of your needs. To schedule a free, initial consultation with a member of our legal team, please complete the Free Case Evaluation form on this page right away.

Contact an Experienced Florida Road Rash Lawyer Today

A motorcycle accident takes only a second to occur but the effects of a crash, especially when serious road rash injuries are involved, can last a lifetime. Instead of worrying about how you will be able to afford the treatment of your injuries, you should be focused on recovering from the accident. Let our knowledgeable motorcycle accident injury attorneys fight to ensure your financial stability by holding the responsible parties accountable for your losses.

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To make sure that all our clients are able to afford proper representation in their pursuit for justice, our personal injury law firm operates on a contingency fee basis. This means that if you choose to hire our attorneys, there is never any cost to you until we are able to successfully obtain a favorable outcome for your claim, whether this is through a jury verdict or a settlement. If we fail to do this, you do not owe us any fees.

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