Do You Need to Worry About Distracted Pedestrians?

distracted pedestrians

Plenty of evidence has backed claims that texting and driving is a dangerous practice, however, new studies are claiming that texting can also disrupt how we walk.

Scientists at Stony Brook University have found that using a cellphone to talk or text while driving can disrupt your gait, enough so that it could lead to a personal injury accident. The study, published in Gait & Posture, focused specifically on how using a cellphone impacts how you walk rather than actual accidents that could occur.

During the study, participants were asked to walk in a straight line and then to re-walk it one week later while using a cellphone. Studying more than 30 male and female adults in their 20s, researchers found that while using a cellphone, participants had trouble walking a straight line and in some cases they walked slower. Those who were texting and walking veered off the course by several feet.

An additional study by Pew Research found that about 53 percent of adult cellphone owners have been on the giving or receiving end of a distracted walking encounter. This means that the majority of adults have bumped into someone or been bumped into by someone on their cellphone. Interestingly, smart phone users were more likely to bump into someone than consumers who did not have a smart phone.

Stories about cellphone distraction accidents are becoming commonplace. Stories of pedestrians walking into fountains and even off a pier have been reported. It seems that now, motorists might also have to start watching for distracted pedestrians while on the road.

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