Drowsy Driving Stats Show the High Risk for Accidents

Drowsy Driving by the Numbers

Florida Drowsy Driver Lawyers

Drowsy driving is a dangerous and deadly cause of thousands of accidents each year. The effects of fatigued driving inhibit drivers in a way very similar to drunk driving and often have the same fatal effects.

Many people think they can drive while tired just once and it will be OK, but its a poor decision that causes countless injuries and deaths across the country. If you or a loved one is injured as a result of a fatigued driver, contact the West Palm Beach car accident lawyers at Gordon & Partners to see if you have a case.

The Huffington Post compiled a list of drowsy driving statistics to highlight just how prevalent this issue really is.

  • 37 percent of adult drivers admit to having fallen asleep at the wheel
  • 168 million people have driven while drowsy in the last year
  • An estimated 1,550 deaths occur every year as a result of a drowsy driver
  • Four percent of adult drivers have said they have had an accident or a close call because they were tired while behind the wheel
  • 15 percent of large truck accident s involve fatigued drivers
  • 12.5 percent of accidents that require medical attention are caused by fatigue
  • 55 percent of drowsy driving accidents are caused by drivers under the age of 25
  • $12.5 billion is lost every year because of accidents caused by sleep-deprived drivers

The president-elect of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine stated that drowsy driving is deadly, but its also completely avoidable.

Understanding the signs and symptoms of fatigue can help Florida drivers prevent drowsy driving accidents. However, ignoring these signs can put everyone on the roads at risk.

If you or someone you love has been injured or died as a result of a driver who fell asleep while behind the wheel, the experienced team of West Palm Beach personal injury lawyer s at Gordon & Partners are ready to help get you the compensation you deserve.

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